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  1. I am the same way, I put it in every gas can and use it in everything. Never had a problem with last years gas in anything I run, boat , chainsaw , quad
  2. Just wondering if these are still available??
  3. https://nationalpost.com/news/scientists-discover-how-to-accurately-date-rare-bottles-of-scotch-whisky-and-find-treasure-trove-of-fakes Just read this article, WOW almost 50% fake... I guess that clears up why you guys were having problems....
  4. I can remember winning an OFC Hat from TJ back in the beginning... I think it was 98/99??? And I remember the Zoo board... Wow alot has changed since those old message boards. Doug
  5. Hi All, I`m hoping someone here can help me out with the settings I need for the "slow speed adjust" and "idle speed" knobs on my motor.... I just got the motor and know that the settings have been played with so I`d like to know roughly how many turns out they should be and I can fine tune it when I get it in the water... model # 15904E thanks Doug
  6. I was there .... 9th guy from the left... Will try to make it out this year... Any idea what year this was??? I`m thinking the 2nd year?? thanks for posting.. Doug
  7. I know my daughter can take care of herself.... The only thing I tell any future boyfriend is " You make her cry and I find out about it and I'll make you cry" So far so good
  8. Legion branch 163 435 Limeridge Rd East Cheap beer... pool tables and I'm pretty sure a shuffleboard table also darts
  9. Lots of great suggestions here... Here`s one of my own.... Dental Floss... it`s strong and lightweight, and the one`s I get from my Dentist are 100 yrds.... Ever try to break it???? Good luck Doug
  10. Having lived in York since 1972, I`m gonna have to call BULL on this one.... There is NO possible way you can troll from York to Cayuga... Float downstream Ok but trolling no way... Want to catch fish??? Try the mouth of McKenzie Creek Doug
  11. MOTÖRHEAD has issued the following statement regarding the passing of the band's former guitarist Michael "Würzel" Burston: "We are greatly saddened to confirm that our long-time friend and comrade Würzel died Saturday at his home. Würz was pouring a Guinness and cracking a joke when he succumbed to a heart attack; at least we know he went with a smile. "It is a cliché to say that words cannot describe how we feel, and in this case, other than ones such as 'crap' and 'awful' and 'very, very sad,' it is true, they really can't. We all shared many many great times together, and what he did for MOTÖRHEAD is quite simply indelible. "As our good friend Steve 'Krusher' Joule said, 'RIP, dear Würzel, a rocker and a gentleman.'" MOTÖRHEAD frontman Lemmy Kilmister added: "Wurzel was my friend and my brother and he's never going to laugh with me again or bugger me out or do….anything. And that truly and cosmically SUCKS. "RIP Wurz. Godspeed. Good man." MOTÖRHEAD drummer Mikkey Dee told the Swedish newspaper Expressen about the passing of his former bandmate, "He was wonderful. He wrote lots of darn great MOTÖRHEAD riffs. I remember missing that when he was not in the band anymore. I missed the simple, classic MOTÖRHEAD riffs. We never wrote those after that. They ended with him. He was really funny. There was a lot of rock and roll in the old man." Before joining MOTÖRHEAD in 1984, Burston had been a corporal in the Army, serving in Germany and Ireland with the 1st Battalion of the Gloucestershire Regiment, and had played in the bands bugger and WARFARE. Joining another relatively unknown guitarist, Phil Campbell, they played together at a MOTÖRHEAD audition, and both were taken on. Würzel can be heard on the following MOTÖRHEAD albums: * No Remorse (1984) * Orgasmatron (1986) * Rock 'n' Roll (1987) * Nö Sleep at All (1988) * The Birthday Party (1990) * 1916 (1991) * March ör Die (1992) * buggers (1993) * Sacrifice (1995) Würzel left MOTÖRHEAD in 1995. For the past couple of years, Burston has played with a new band called LEADER OF DOWN, which last month headlined the main stage at the U.K. fundraising music festival "Never Mind The Bullocks" in aid of Midlands Air Ambulance. Doug
  12. I saw them in Hamilton a few months back.... AWESOME.... Enjoy the show...
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