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  1. morning everyone any news on this one? Did they open or still restricted?
  2. Thanks Steve! So frustrating about that closing. Everyone is keeping the distance and still... not allowed to enjoy the fishing
  3. Thanks ;) Looks like no fishing in the area at all.
  4. Hello everyone Does anybody know if they are still closed? Can't find anything online. Thank you
  5. I do agree with everyone but still there are a lot of social network pictures showing people do not respect anything. I do not think that fishing, hunting or any other outdoor activity is the issue now. Nobody can stop people of being free nowadays.
  6. I see.... that government does not make any sense at all with all those restrictions.
  7. so does it mean that if I am living in Toronto, I can not go fishing by myself at St Catharines?
  8. Have not seen any and that is why I posted it
  9. Hello everyone, I know most are tired of all the news around those last couple of days, but do you know if we are allowed to go fishing? I know it is not an essential one but still something we all do for fun and pleasure. Thank you all
  10. great topics guys may I ask where the pictures were taken on that dock posted by Jonny?
  11. Yup! Thanks BillM It is all about the fun, not fishing for food
  12. anything north of 90 is good right?
  13. Great one do most of you go south or more near Wassaga to fish? please advise Thanks
  14. Good day everyone, Has anybody from you recently fished at Niagara? Any luck? Thanks
  15. Thank you guys!Going to shore fishing so I will put an update once finished
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