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lost boaters card... not easy to replace!

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Hey folks,


I lost my boaters card along with my PAL and Outdoors card so all needing replacement.. so far I have had no issue with the Outdoor card replacement (easy and online), my PAL I haven't yet undertaken and will do so very soon, but the boater's card is another thing altogether.. you'd think it be easiest.  I got mine in 2010.  I called Transport Canada to find out with who I got it through and they retrieve that info for me. When I contacted them (Boater Exam), they could not find any record of it (using the number given to me by Transport Canada!).  They told me to call TC back but they (TC) didn't have anything more to offer me.. I even tried retrieving it through Boater Exam website where they have a "lost card placement" tab.. to no avail. It also seems like they changed their name.  

Anyone else have difficulty trying to replace the card? Funny thing is, in all these years I've NEVER been asked to provide the card to anyone.  Pretty useless piece of documentation.. 

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Our tax dollars at work...

Keep bugging them. they must have a record of your numbers somewhere. 

I've had mine since 2003 the first year they issued them. I have had to show it when renting small boats a few times but thats it. 

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Posted (edited)

I won't be renting so I won't bother more than one more time. I have the number. If asked I'll show them that. Dontt know who actually checks...is it mnr?

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If you go to the website that is listed on the back of the Boater Card, it lists a link for lost or replacement cards that takes you here:


Not sure if you tried that.

In the last 20 years, I've been pulled over by the OPP on the water probably over a dozen times. Never once, did they ask me for any paperwork including the Boater Card. It's always been a "safety check"...enough life jackets on- board, working flashlight, sound-making device, etc..It's always in my wallet, but they never ask...which I find odd, because if you're pulled over on the road for whatever reason the first thing they ask for is license and registration.

Perhaps, it has something to do with "probable cause"....they can only ask if they believe an offence has been committed. Just like at a RIDE spot-check, if they don't suspect you've been drinking, they just let you pass through with out asking for your license.

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I've tried the ilostmycard.com. Useless. The company i got the card through is (was) called boaterexam.com. They are the ones who claim there is no record of my card in their system. But transport Canada said they are the ones who issued it. And transport Canada also gave me the number that was assigned to my card. 

I guess I could re-do the test 

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