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French river fishing

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Newer to fishing the French river area have a place on the Ranger Bay part (Alban) looking for some pointers and or spots from walleyes crappies and definitely musky any information would be helpful.

Also from looking at the map there is the ouellette rapids and Meshaw falls. Am I able to travel up or down these rapids safely by boat?

any information would be greatly appreciated thank you 

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I’ve fish just east of there along the North Channel of the French.   Rapids on both sides of where I am - neither to take a boat through.   If I am correct, the Oullete falls are on the western end of where I am.   I’ve walked down to those rapids a number of years ago.   From what I recall, you won’t be taking a boat over them.  Water was up when I was there and raging pretty good.    I’ve done decent where I was, mostly fishing rocky shoals and weedy areas.  I’ve trolled a lot, but have only ever caught a few that way - mostly casting.   There are 50’s in my area, but I believe very few.  I’ve hit 49 there a couple times.  I pretty much used large bucktails #10 blades and occasionally larger spinners.

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Mishaw Falls and Ouellete Rapids are not passable with a boat. Each section of the French is divided by rapids essentially. The main channel at the bottom of Meshaw is a huge amount of water with low fishing pressure but hard to get information on. 

I know there is a good crappie population in Wolseley Bay, my section between Outlette and Cedar Rapids doesn't have many, I suspect yours might be similar just based on what I've heard. 

Muskies; good populations in all the sections but they are smart. 😉 Look for structure. 

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