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Some humor for the day

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A woman walks into a sporting good store to buy her grand son a fishing rod for his birthday. Not knowing anything about them she grabbed a nice looking one and took it up to the counter. She couldn't help but notice the cashier was wearing dark shades. She asked him if it is a good fishing rod? He replied, I'm blind ma'am, but if you gently drop it on the counter I can tell you what it is. She hesitated and he went on to explain when one is blind your other senses become more tuned into things. So she dropped it on the counter and he say's, this is a six foot medium action Shimano sienna rod and reel and comes with eight lb. test line, it's a good combination and they're on sale this week for sixty dollars. She say's I'll take it. As she was taking her credit card out of her purse she dropped it on the floor. That sounds like a visa card he say's. As she bent over to pick it up she let a fart and thought oh well he wont know it was me. He rang up the sale and told her it came to 85:50. But you said it's on sale for sixty. It is he says, and the duck call is eighteen and the bear repellent is another seven fifty. 

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