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Fishing Canada's Arctic Char.


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Arctic Char may be one of, if not the most beautiful fish swimming in Canada's far north saltwater ocean and freshwater lakes and rivers. Chances to travel up to Nunavut from 2008 to 2022, some here may remember how I fell in love with everything about the lake trout and especially Arctic char found there.

"A Nunavut Nomad" is a series of 9 different stories told of my experiences for Arctic Char. A sample of all these stories plus information for trip planning, gear selection, weight calculation, and thoughts on the relationship between both Dolly Varden & Arctic Char is also included in the write-up; as these are insights into some questions more often asked by anglers who have messaged in the past. As far as it goes for Arctic Char trip reporting, photography and information, the combined work may be the most complete package to be found online, anywhere. So if Arctic Char, Nunavut and adventure interest you, take a look.


Thanks and best of luck in 2023.  🙂


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