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MotorGuide X5 trolling motor for sale.

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X5 trolling motor for sale.  Bought a new one this spring, and don't need this one.  82 lbs thrust, foot control, 48" shaft, 24 volt.  Guaranteed to work for you.  Comes with a TH Marine prop nut.  Also includes the double shock absorbers (not installed... Just never got to it 😁). Have it listed on Kijiji for $850.00, so will list it for the same here.  I'm in Kitchener.   First reasonable offer takes it.

Can't attach photos yet, please stand by...




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Just to be clear and we dont start off on the wrong foot, I am playing the middle man for my youngest son. His motor failed on his ranger last friday night before a tournament. He is a fire fighter and works 7 days straight 24 hours so couldnt drive to pick it up. I assumed he asked me about shipping with full intent on purchasing it. I have never bought anything used but he said some people prefer not to ship and asked if that was an option. He said he was paying the shipping so he didnt consider where it was going to be an issue. He only recognized it was 3 hours he didnt have this week and may be quicker and cheaper to ship. 

There was no intent to ask dumb questions


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