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Serious question about verbal harrasment while fishing


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On 9/2/2021 at 10:28 AM, AKRISONER said:

The fact that you consistently bring up your “charter rights” In this thread and others just screams “I’m an enlightened anti vaxxer, and you are all sheeple” is your legal name Chris Sky by chance?

I wasn’t aware that the law is only enforceable when someone commits a crime multiple times. I guess we should all go rob a bank because the first ones a freebie!

Funny you mention my career, I’m not a lawyer, but I have been working for a decade in regulatory compliance. So thanks for the encouragement for success in my actual career. 

I hope they lock this because you just call people names, bring in other Bull like anti-vaxx/sheeple/regulatory compliance.... like hahaha you work in pharma doing the most boring paperwork in the world or something. I've been around that many times.

Either way, if you think someone standing where they were to begin with, before you got there and having choice words for you is harrassment, you have lead a pretty sheltered life. Nobody agrees with you if you haven't noticed. Take your retarded opinion and disdain for me somewhere else. You've been wrong every single time.

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