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Couple of pics from our fly in trip a few years ago

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The pike was the first fish of the trip, 42”. The laker was 26lbs4ozs. The walleye in the other pic was one of hundreds just like it. The one afternoon we smashed them for 4 hours straight, I was actually surprised when my husky jerk made it back to the boat. I even started throwing some big pike lures and walleye were still hitting it. Lol




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Sandy Beach Lodge, on Trout lake in Red Lake Ontario. Last week of may. Our trip was delayed two weeks because there was still ice. On the flyin we saw Caribou running across the ice. We really lucked out with our guide too. One of the guides didn’t show up, so we got the retired native guide that has been fishing the lake for 40 years. There day finishes at 5, so we would rent a boat until dark. He told us where to troll and what to use and he nailed it! I could never afford this trip. Someone very close to me got a lump some of money and asked me where I wanted to go. I don’t know what it cost, but we flew from Toronto to Thunder Bay, Thunder Bay to red lake and then the next morning float plane to trout lake. 

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I've heard great things about cochrane air. Someone who did Reno's at my place said it's awesome. Checked out the prices and not too bad. Several different lakes to fish too. 

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