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Precision Trolling 8th Edition

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    • Salmon Trolling tackle/gear

      View Advert Salmon Trolling tackle/gear selling off all my salmon tackle.  for sale is: spin doctors (most with flys attached) 16 @ 8", and [email protected] 10"  (some other paddles included with paddle file boxes) $375 Large variety of spoons... NK, Moonshine, Rac, Williams, Matrix and a few lymans - 125+pcs in special mate tackle box - $650 647-294-5982 Advertiser steelhedrmatt Date

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    • Anyone use trolling spoons for casting?

      I have some nice (proven) trolling spoons that glow nicely.  Was thinking of using those for night casting off the pier.  They obviously don't have the weight of a normal spoon but thought I would try with some split shots before the spoon. I have tried all the usual glow spoons (cleos, moonshine, len thompson) which I have caught on before, but for some reason have no luck with them. Want to change it up.   thanks

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    • Trolling a casting rod in a Salty s-10

      Looking for a safe way to use my casting rods to troll in a salty s-10 rod holder; dang plastic trigger on the underside doesn't allow for setting the rod in the holder behind the reel seat. Don't want to put the rod in the holder above the reel on the blank because that's asking for the rod to snap like a twig.  Maybe below the reel? (full cork grip probably fine but split grip? probably will be riding the blank). If below the reel, put a higher angle on the rod so she don't go over board on a

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    • trolling Lake O. having some line issues

      Last trip out, trolling in 1-130 feet, one of our lines (braided line on downrigger) was accumulating this gooey type of yellow stinky stuff. it was very tough to get off and it was mostly in the top 20 feet of line. I'm glad we didn't hook into a fish on that line because there was no way I could have reeled it in.  Never happened before in the last dozen or so trips.  Wondering if the water was just very dirty that day, or I should switch the type of line. had 2 other lines out, one with

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    • Big changes on the bow mounted trolling motor front!

      Heading over to the on the water demos at iCast 2019 down here in Orlando FL. One of the biggest buzzes down here is about how the bow mounted trolling motor scene is going to change drastically. MotorGuide, Lowrance and Garmin are all introducing competitors to the current bow-mounted trolling motor king, the Minn Kota Ultrex! Super excited to see how the new Garmin Force trolling motor is going to work with my Garmin EchoMap Ultra units! Check it out on the YouTube video:  And o

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