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2 St Croix rods for sale SOLD

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2 St Croix rods for sale

Selling 4 fishing rods. 

1) St Croix Avid 10'6" baitcasting steelhead rod AVC106MLF2 rated 6-10lb. This is a float rod for stellhead that I got for the Niagara and Saugeen. I have not been to either of theose places in several years. This rod is BRAND NEW. It has never left the house $200 CDN



6) St Croix Ledgend Tournament 7'10" Magnum Cranker cast rod TBC710HM rated 12-25lb. I bought this rod off pro staff Mike Borger and it is a great cast rod for bigger cranks and chatter baits. This one has a split grip. The only reason I'm selling it is that I have the older full cork version of the rod and i prefer it because it is also a great trolling rod for me out of my pontoon and the split grip won't work in that application. This is a slightly used rod but is still very nice. $225CDN


pic one.jpg


pic one.jpg

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