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Crappie, crappie, crappie.

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Hi all,

Still loads of ice here. We have been here for 11 years and this year is the latest the ice road has gone before the deterioration has begun. Lots of fishing on the ice left to be done, but I figure by midweek it will be quad time on the lakes, might have an iffy week as there is still a lot of snow in the bush which makes getting out on the quad a chore.

Anyway, I am absolutely loving the crappie fishing on my home lake Wabigoon. I never used to fish it in the winter as it can be a tough lake for walleye in the summer, let alone on the ice, with numbers of larger fish making winter fishing kinda boring. With the crappie though it has been a hoot, especially with a busy schedule and casual work it means I have a great ice fishing option right on my doorstep, with the best crappie grounds a 15 minute ride from my house.

Been taking the kids from work too, they are having a hoot as well....win...win...win.

A lot of talk has been going on about how the crappie will affect the walleye fishing and the wider ecosystem of the lake, but the crappie have been here for decades, so we are still waiting to see.

Anyway, here are a couple of outings to the same spot, one early morning trip and one trip an hour before work............






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Man, I only wish I had a decent Crappie spot.. By far it's my favorite fish through the ice!!. 

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