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Ugly Stik vs Rapala Magnum travel rods


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I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations between these two travel rods. The short story is that I'll be traveling to Tanzania and want to do some light sea fishing and try and hook into a couple jacks. No tuna, marlin or anything big like that.


So I've been thinking about these two rods:

- ugly stik 4 piece medium 6 foot 6 inch - $45

- Rapala Magnum 4 piece medium 7 foot - $65


The rapala is not the baja series but the regular magnum travel rod.


I ended up buying the ugly stik today because i thought I could probably abuse it much more. The last thing i want to happen on the trip is for the rod to break. But now that I've got the ugly stik, I'm starting to second guess myself.


Any advice would be appreciated, Red

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If your really concerned with breakage, I would buy 1 of each also. If your heart is set on fishing and your rod arrives crushed, you'll be sorry you didn't spend the extra few bucks! I don't know anything about either rod, but we do use regular ugly sticks at our bush camp and they ride around on ATV's, get tossed in boats, sat on occasionally, and they never seem to break! Hopefully the travel rod version would be pretty robust as well.

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