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  1. Net is sold - someone take the shirts off my hands!!
  2. Brian and I couldn’t manage a meet up (sorry Brian) so everything is still up for sale Cheers Richard
  3. View Advert Steelhead/trout beads and plastics Large selection of trout beads and pegs (bbq brushes) plus worms for steelhead, perfect for the fall run!! $50 - pickup in Oakville Cheers Richard Advertiser cuzza Date 10/02/2019 Price 50.00 CAD Category Fishing Classifieds
  4. Thanks I wasn't sure about posting the shirts but I'm trying to avoid stuff ending up in landfill just because I don't want it any more, I only wore them once in Alaska so plenty of fish mojo even after one day on!
  5. Y View Advert Fishing shirts and a big net Four fishing shirts - all worn once on a trip and now just taking up space. They're Bass Pros Worldwide Sportsman brand, three in size Large and teh blue one bottom right is a Medium but fits the same as the others. I'm a large in "street" clothes and they fit me nicely so they're true to size $10 each or take them all for $30 These are the closest i can find to them on the Bass pro site https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/world-wide-sportsman-freecast-long-sleeve-shirts-for-men -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Net is sold All pick up in Oakville Advertiser cuzza Date 09/05/2019 Price 30.00 CAD Category Fishing Classifieds
  6. Price dropped - happy to listen to reasonable offers. Great boat for getting away from the crowds during steelhead season!
  7. View Advert Scadden Assault X - price drop! Hi All, I'm moving abroad so need to start unloading some stuff and first up is my Scadden Assault X raft - probably used half a dozen times so it's in great condition, no leaks/patches/scrapes that I can see. The whole thing fits in a hockey bag (included ) and comes with a manual pump and a 12V inflator along with everything in the photos - oars, seat, two bags, standard foot bar and a Scotty anchor mount. Looking for $650 but will listen to reasonable offers - I'm located in Oakville and while I'm happy to ship (negotiable) pickup/in person deal would be a lot easier all round! Not really looking for trades (I'm meant to be be getting rid of stuff!) unless you have a nice Ultralight rod to part exchange. Cheers, Richard Advertiser cuzza Date 08/19/2019 Price 650.00 CAD Category Fishing Classifieds
  8. From the looks of your sig, you already have a reel so why not just use that on the telescopic rod? You then have about $50 to spend on lures/plastics etc. which will probably make more difference to your catch rates. If you really want a combo Canadian Tire have a few around the $30 mark but you'll probably want to budget to change out the line as it'll probably be cheap stuff that has lots of memory and tangles easily, something like a spool of Trilene XL would be fine. Telescopic rods are all pretty much the same performance wise unless you're into the $100+ ones but they're great to keep in your backpack/car/desk/locker to be handy. I've had a few over the years and they all worked just fine for anything from trout to sea fishing.
  9. Dan, Congrats on the trip, you're going to have an awesome time! I went to Alaska a couple of years ago (which was awesome!) and thought about kitting myself out with a GoPro to capture it. I ended up deciding against it and bought a point and shoot camera with a good zoom on it and I'm glad I did. The waterproof cameras are great but the pictures they take aren't as good - the guides at the lodge used waterproof ones and were taking pics of fish with their cameras and mine, at the end of the week we all turned in our memory cards to pool the photos and the one from mine were way better in both clarity and colour. The camera also shoots video but I hardly used it. While it wasn't waterproof, I bough a decent case for it to keep splash and rain off it and at only $200 or so, it was risk I was prepared to take, we took loads of photos in the rain and it didn't miss a beat. It seems you've ordered something so this post is redundant but the camera I have is a Sony DSC-WX350. The lodge owner was so impressed with it , he ordered a couple for the guides to test. Edit>> It appears it's now $300 or so - I think I got mine on sale from Henrys and it was a couple of years ago Enjoy the trip!
  10. Search called off for now - thanks to all for the offers and advice Richard
  11. Gents, Thanks for the responses. Snidley, the Calcutta is a nice piece of kit but I was hoping for one of the low profile reels such as a Curado/Citica type design. msp - I have a Clarus spinning rod I like but not keen on the idea of telescopic I appreciate you both taking the time to respond though Richard
  12. View Advert Baitcaster rod/reel or combo No longer looking Advertiser cuzza Date 02/06/2019 Price Category Fishing Classifieds
  13. I have the 13' float rod and really like it, picked it up from Sail a couple of years ago
  14. I have a pair of Simms Skeena neoprene gloves which would keep your hands dry, looks like they've replaced them with the Kispiox. I can fly fish with them and even tie knots, I just waste more tippet as it's like tying them with super-fat fingers! The only thing that doesn't work is palming a reel as they're too "grippy"
  15. Thanks Chris - can confirm the walleye as we got into a few along with plenty of smallies. A good time was had by all - thanks again for the tips guys
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