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  1. Search called off for now - thanks to all for the offers and advice Richard
  2. Gents, Thanks for the responses. Snidley, the Calcutta is a nice piece of kit but I was hoping for one of the low profile reels such as a Curado/Citica type design. msp - I have a Clarus spinning rod I like but not keen on the idea of telescopic I appreciate you both taking the time to respond though Richard
  3. View Advert Baitcaster rod/reel or combo No longer looking Advertiser cuzza Date 02/06/2019 Price Category Fishing Classifieds
  4. Time Left: 1 month and 17 days

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    Hi all, Looking to give a baitcasting setup a go mainly for bass and pike. Pretty much have my mind set on a Shimano reel as I've never had a problem with any of their products in the past and it looking for left hand wind, less fussy on a rod but preferably a two piece. Don't mind if it a rod and reel separate or a combo - let me know if you have anything Cheers Richard


  5. I have the 13' float rod and really like it, picked it up from Sail a couple of years ago
  6. I have a pair of Simms Skeena neoprene gloves which would keep your hands dry, looks like they've replaced them with the Kispiox. I can fly fish with them and even tie knots, I just waste more tippet as it's like tying them with super-fat fingers! The only thing that doesn't work is palming a reel as they're too "grippy"
  7. Thanks Chris - can confirm the walleye as we got into a few along with plenty of smallies. A good time was had by all - thanks again for the tips guys
  8. Thanks a lot for the info guys, bass and perch sounds perfect for the kids, heading tomorrow - looking forward to it!
  9. Hi folks, Have family over from the UK and we've booked a cottage on South Lake, just outside Minden and my niece and nephew want to do some fishing and of course I'm happy to oblige I don't do much lake fishing (I spend most of my time on the rivers), but from what i can find, it's bass and panfish, which I think I can cover with spinning rods and some plastics or a fly rod and a popper but I was wondering if anyone has any local knowledge they can share? We won't have a boat, just canoes. Thanks! Richard
  10. I'm a member of the Hamilton Fly Fishing Club - we have a bass trip on the 29th if you're interested, plenty of good fly fisherman to help get you started The link in my sig should get you to the website, PM me if you want more info Cheers, Richard
  11. I'm sure you'll be OK especially early morning but worth keeping an eye on especially if you fish lower down the stretch later in the day.
  12. Brian, the access points are here https://www.friendsofthegrandriver.com/maps/ If you don't have a stream thermometer, pick one up from Grand River Outfitting (Troutfitters used to own a store but is now just guiding), I stop fishing if the water gets over 68F/20C as trout don't recover well above that. Fly-wise, I've done well in summer on scuds (16-18) or midge larvae patterns (18-20), soft hackles will work too. Have fun!
  13. Only difference in castability is that rabbit holds water much more than deer hair so the flies get heavier but it looks great in the water, deer hair builds a profile well so flies aren't very aerodynamic. As others have said, different material for a different purpose really - my favourite streamer pattern, the zuddler uses both....
  14. Sums it up perfectly I'm playing around with the single hand Skagit lines at the moment which are super short shooting heads (the 6wt one is 13.5ft but you need a tip on top of that), easy to get good distance with no back-cast, great for big streamers/mice
  15. Hey Bill, I go south of the border a lot for work so normally grab stuff but I couldn't even find any in Texas. I haven't tried the services like CrossBorderPickups, will look into it - thanks!
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