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Marc Thorpe guide service

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Walleyes and saugers from May to June
Muskies from June to Nov


Great sauger/walleye action in may and june 40 to 80 fish days are not un common

Slot size applies to walleye 37 cm to 53 cm (14 1/2 inch to 20 1/14 inches)

Muskies are the most mesmerizing species swimming in North American waters today. With intrigue come obsessive compulsive tendencies. The fascination with the targeted angling species lies in both the evolution of this mythical species and in the ability to blend and experience nature in its most solitude state.

*Transport Canada certifications and conformities

Includes guiding, lodging, and meals.
1 day,3 day and 5 day trips

What we seek is to provide the experience of a life time within the excitement of the moment.

Marc Thorpe
3690 Ethier
Terrebonne, Quebec
J6Y 1A1
Phone: 450-433-4784 / no fax
E mail: [email protected]






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