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Perching Today...


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Well many thanks to Joe, Pauline, Fishmaster Steve and Ken today for allowing me to join the trip.


I met up with them at an undisclosed location, where I was blindfolded and stuffed in the trunk of a car. Apparently on route to 'Plan B'. (I was blindfolded, I really don't know where Plan B is). With not a whole lot of action other than a bunch of lunkers, the decision was made to move to 'Plan A'. As usual, I was once again blindfolded and stuffed in the trunk of the car. (Steve, I hope that was indeed a pickle in your pocket :) j/k). Anyhow... once we got to Plan A, we got into a few descent Perch and some catfish for a changeup. I had to split early to try and avoid rush hour, so for a third time I was blindfolded, stuffed in the trunk and dropped off at a remote location that was known to me enough to get home.


In the end, was a nice afternoon, meeting new people, catching some fish and talking about women's rights in Ontario :) It was all good, looking forward to doing it again. I would imagine someone will post some pics of the days' catch, as I had no camera.



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