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Awesome Trailers w/pics

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As a tournament fisherman and a guide, I'm always looking for a competitive edge, whether it be better hooks, new gear, new baits etc...


Over the years, I have come to realize that there is nothing more important than good hooks. I have my hooks, and every crankbait, jerkbait, topwater etc has its hooks changed out of the box. Well worth the extra price.


Anyhoo, in my quest to find something great and different from the rest, I inquired with a friend about tying me jerkbait/topwater/crankbait trailers. Custom tied means they're different from the rest, and what a difference it has made!


He is starting to get more into it now and is looking to do it a bit more often, he is charging $3 a trailer if you provide the hooks or $4 if not. With a minimum order of 3 trailers (they can be different) WELL worth the price.


He will do anything custom, but here's a few that he tied for me recently...



A sweet crawfish trailer he did up for me, goes great with craw cranks.



A nice olive trailer, caught me a few fish over 5 this year



Sweet white/flash trailer, all about the material on this one, looks AMAZING in the water, took 2nd place on Simcoe on Sunday with this one



Nice white/chartreuse flash, again, the material is amazing. Hope you enjoy, let me know if you're interested.

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Way to go Steve, I used to be in the same boat as you. What ever gives you confidence is key, nice trailers. I used to do the same.

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Steve nice additions.

Way before these companys started,and you,,I fished with a guy named Frank Clark. He used tail feathers from a gull, on the tail ends of a jerk bait. When he jerked the bait,the tail would suck in,then fluff out when it stopped.Man the bass smashed that bait. Guess he never knew he was onto something.


He won many tourney up north.

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