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3M 5200 or 3m 4000 UV for sealing?

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Hey guys and gals just a quick question i'm just trying to seal some leaky rivets to get by this year. I hear a lot of people using the 5200 but i was on 3M website and reading about both the 3M 5200 and 3M 4000 can anyone tell me the difference and witch one i should be using to seal rivets below the water line on a painted hull. here is the info


3M™ Marine Adhesive Sealant 5200, White, 3 oz

White, one-part, greater than 99% solids urethane sealant that chemically cures when exposed to moisture.

3M Id : XS-0414-1186-8


Additional Information


It forms a rubbery, extremely strong, waterproof seal or bond, is non-shrinking and offers exceptional resistance to weathering. It can be used for the manufacture, maintenance, and repair of fiberglass reinforced plastic and wooden boats. It has good adhesion to mahogany, teak, cedar, fir, plywood, and gel coated fiberglass.


3M™ Marine Adhesive/Sealant Fast Cure 4000UV, 05280, 3 oz, White,

Resistant to weathering, saltwater, and stresses caused by joint movement. Seals between mechanically fastened joints on wood, fiberglass, metal and most plastics above and below the waterline.


thank you very much for all your help

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The 5200 needs 7 days to cure depending on environment. The 4000 cures much faster... maybe 48 hrs?

The 5200 seems to be more fluid. This might help or hurt you depending on the surface angle. If flat, it may seep into the gaps. On the other hand, it may flow away from the gaps depending on the angle.

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