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Fuel line connecters/assembly

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Does anyone know if they have fuel line connectors or full fuel line assemblies at canadiantire for Johnson/Evinrude outboard motors ?


Called all the local marinas and they don't carry Johnson anymore, I really just need the end pieces because the rubber seals are shot.

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I haven't looked in a quite while, but I know they did carry them the last time I was checking.

I'll have to take a good peek the next time I'm in there. If I find them, I'll let you know.


Not sure, but can't you just insert a new 'O' ring at the end of the fuel line?

I had a fuel/air leak problem with my Evinrude 35hp. It was missing the rubber ring at the engine fuel fitting, where the fuel line connects.

I just bought an assortment of 'O' rings and slipped on the right size to make a good seal with the fuel line.

Problem solved and it only cost me a couple of dollars.

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Thanks Carp, yeah it's just the O rings. Good idea I'll go to Canadian tire tomorrow and if they don't have connectors, I'll just grab some assorted O rigs while I'm there and order the rite piece over the net later on.


It sucked today, wanted to get out for the full moon fish badly, got about 50 yards and the boat stalled, realized it was just the O rings but still couldn't get out without them, I had to hold it snug on the gas tank with one hand and one hand on the wheel to get back to the dock, lol.

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