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  1. finally got the Americans way ppphhhttt

    1. aplumma


      you got my attention I am not sure you wanted it



  2. https://twitter.com/DanaLarsen/status/852977717670576128/photo/1
  3. J plugs were around before lymans.. used on the west coarst where most of our baits for salmon come from. Custom colors work well! but fire tiger...white ladder back and anything blue or purple and silver works well depending on the time of year, size helps as well.
  4. http://globalnews.ca/news/3380334/new-impaired-driving-laws-mean-you-could-be-asked-for-a-breath-sample-without-reason/ this helps a wee bit with the explanation.. there are no swabs for Valium opiates...etc.... so how is testing for THC going to help when it has little effect by comparison to any of these known intoxicant!! A bottle label stating "this medication may cause drowsiness. care in operation machinery when used " would suffice like all other hard meds they prescribe of course.. its simple really but control and greed are getting in the way of anything good to become of this medication wise...not recreation..
  5. I see,, making fun of what Im trying to get across and what you think about me .,, cheers dude as I thought,,thanks for showing what you are about !
  6. https://twitter.com/trinafraser/status/852974158522855425 seems very clear that legalization is not what they want at all.
  7. wont let me post the laws as they are being set out..
  8. .we'll see cannabis users being punished as impaired drivers even if they're driving perfectly well and haven't toked in days. What I am bothered by is 1) EXTREME PENALTIES for anything outside the legal system. 14 years is ridiculously severe. NARROW DEFINITION OF LEGALITY. Possession of cannabis remains illegal under law, unless you buy from an LP or grow it yourself. 3) Cannabis remains in the CDSA, which isn't really legalization then, is it? 4 ) 2ng DRIVING LIMIT for cannabinoids in bloodstream is unscientific & discriminatory. Along with new cop power to swab all drivers... 5) FEDERAL CONTROL OVER GROW LICENSES. Provinces decide where cannabis is sold, but feds retain sole control over grow permits just for starters hope all of that helps make sense but there is more knowlegs neded to undertsand that as well..
  9. there is a lot to explain making criminals out of kids and sick people is what their proposals will do. thats fact. not hear say or pulled out of my rear end .. time will show what Im talking about.. there is no hiding it anymore!! thats the best part by the way you spoke about clean product, Three of the largest producers of pot have been caught poisoning people and are now in court! you were talking about clean meds were you not? Every LP out there is allowed to spray peoples medication with approved pestcides???? in order for them to see a profit. as I have said.. there is way to much for the average person to understand. Ill let others join in who know as much
  10. it already is now and always has been.. thats the part most dont understand The market is already there . ..its no going to get bigger now because they have a new poison herb being brewed for rec smokers. Rec smokers an medical patients already have their supply and its cheaper too! there wont be any mad rush from say..... drew or iron worker.... to smoke pot .....seeing as its legal now? which it is not!
  11. one more time its not about getting high.. its not about rec!!! its about the "medical value" this plant has that wont been seen if the idea of getting high is what it is all about!! hell .....suck iN enough O2 at once and you get high and pass out of course WOW what a RUSH!
  12. they have actually done far worse . They want to criminalize sick people and kids with their new ideas.. . this has not passed and never will.!!!!! This entire deal was put into place for Medical and now the things they propose will only criminalize the sick and children. the sick have been criminalized and cant ever drive again? sounds right to you? a kid 17 gets sold and caught selling to his friends does 14 years! they fine people for selling tobacco and booze to kids.. can you not see the issue with something that is harmless by compassion? This deal was started by and put in place for sick people NOT rec smokers to begin with! The courts agreed with the people and said they have the right to treat how ever they wish! .. Its not helping.. sick people at all!! or will it help the kids that will see legal issues the rst of their lives if caught with it.!! there is a lot people just dont understand about prohibition 2. Their ideas of grandeur will fail miserably and take years of court time and tax dollars wasted... all do to the fact that they want to control but cannot control a plant!! one that does no harm and actually FAR FAR FAR MORE GOOD But it's not about getting high people!! again its not about getting high people one more time its about people being healthy and getting better ...with out a pot stigma attached to their treatment!! attitudes that no not about this medication!!!!! is what is keeping it from doing its GOOD,,, It has been seen that it can destroy Pharama meds results in many ways and THEY KNOW IT and see it coming and of course are tied into the industry like dirty shirts they are. and the greed from our feds will see that!! .
  13. more factors to that one person issues drew. medical history and all....nothing can be drawn from that one episode? although Im sure it happened just as you say. thanks for the one episode..sounds nasty! Iron maker. As things stands, it is up to each province to make up rules as to where its sold. How much it will sell for and what taxes they are going to add to it.. Many many many many unanswered questions that will see this deal in court for the next 25 years. Mark my words on that! Our PM started something he could never finish or ever control. criminalizing children and sick people is all this has done and will see happen. not many will understand my meaning either until it starts to show in the news and ...it will... ..time will tell all though. this is new "Sell cannabis to a 17yo, 14 year maximum. Sell booze or tobacco to them, pay a fine. "
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