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Shoreline Fishing/Tips for Newbie

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Hi all,


This is the best fishing forum I have found. Seems like a lot of great anglers (based on the info and pics). I am new to fishing and am in need of a little direction. I first went fishing about a year ago and landed a 2lb walleye on my first trip (Otawanabee River - near Lake Simcoe). It was a thrill and it got my interested, my Grandfather and Uncle were big in to Fishing (although I never learn't from them) so I guess it is in the blood!


I don't have a boat so I am looking for shoreline fishing, so far the only places I have fished are:


Bewdley (Rice Lake)

Grand River (mostly around Brant Conservation Area) - I have been going in the water, been fun walking up a down but is getting cold now

Thames River (London, ON.)

Dock Rd. (Barrie - Simcoe)



I am having difficulty locating good shoreline fishing spots around the Toronto area (1-2 hrs distance), A guy told me about Canal Lake (near Simcoe), drove to Cooks Bay, didn't really find any access points, mostly private land.


Any advice would be appreciated.


Here is my inventory of lures etc.


Shimano Rod, medium, 7ft, 8lb test triline



Rappala 2 piece crank bait

Baby Perch (medium Diver)

Baby Minus 1 (baby bass)

Some other Perch (deep)

Chugbug (surface)

Bassrat (surface)


Soft Baits

wild minnow (gets snagged in 1 sec.)



medium size spinner (weedless)



yamato tails (I used a weighted hook)

worms (yamato small brown/cinnamon)

yamato crayfish (works with some upside down weighted texas-rigged hook)



I have only caught fish with crankbaits (with the exception of one walleye on the yamato tail), I assume I am having trouble getting bites, setting the hook properly. If anyone has any tips on good spots or things I need to add to my inv. I am also having trouble with a hook/bobber - I tried a painted jig (since it had some weight) with some fin-s pink, berkley 2" minnows etc. no bites, is there a better setup for this or is the painted weighted jig the issue. I sometimes fish for 8hrs and get nothing or perhaps one fish.


Any help/tips on any of the above would be greatly appreciated, I will keep reading the board.



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Welcome to the board!


There are lots of awsome shore fishing opportunites at Canal Lake. ;) In fact, there is a bridge that runs right through the middle of the lake. Google map it.


For your setup, rod and reel is fine. Personally, I like suberbraided line like powerpro for the sensitivity and strength. Tie weightless an offset senko hook and weddless rig a 5 inch sinking worm. I like yum dingers, brown flake with a chartruse tip was on fire this weekend. Drop the sinking worm right into the weeds and wait for 20-30 seconds, slowly bring it in trying to maintain contact with the vegetation. The chugbug is my favourite topwater, give her a try. Hook set is key when fishing these lures. Feel the pressure of the fish and then yank and reel at the same time.


If you go eight hours without a fish using these methods, I'd be surprised. Good luck.

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What are you looking to catch? I live 2min away from Dock Rd. in Barrie and that one is filled with panfish; rock bass, perch & sunfish. Hate to say it, but worm & bobber works best for that spot and probably for most docks. At the barrie dock I suggest the right side of the dock at the very end over the rocks.


Those fish are picky most likely from the pressure put on over the years. It's important you mask your scent when hooking on a worm. Rub your fingers in the dirt from the worm canistar first then apply the worm. Most panfish have small mouths and you really only need a chunk of a full worm - less than half. Use the smallest bobber you got, those fish don't have the strength to pull down a big bobber so you'll never catch a thing putting on a 3" red & white. With that basic setup you should be pulling in fish from that dock to the point you can't count. Early in the morning on clear days you'll often see a couple 2lb smallies next to the dock on the left, although they are stubborn and I've never seen one caught there.


Hope that helps!





PS I'm new to the board as well, fantastic :)

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for grand river, I've been to the Caledonia dam and York. Have had success at both places, but you have to wade out to the river.

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