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I. WFN’s Casting Call




During the Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows, WFN will launch a variety of promotions and contests to connect with fishing enthusiasts, including WFN’s Casting Call, which invites individuals to submit an audition tape for a chance to become Canada’s next great fishing host.


To qualify, individuals must mail in their WFN Casting Call entries by October 1, 2008. Visit www.wfn.tv for more contest information.


Following the entry deadline, the top 200 entries will be invited to compete in the second round during the 2009 Canadian National Sportsmen’s Show season. The top 50 entrants from each of the four Canadian National Sportsmen’s Show locations will all audition in front of a live audience and celebrity judges, with only one person from each event site moving onto the semi-finals.


One wild card spot is also available. The public will get to vote online at www.wfn.tv for the final contestant to compete in the finals.


The top five finalists will meet in Toronto for the semi-finals where the winner will be crowned.



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nice, im all over this!




Pretty boys got his hooks in!



My rugged good looks will prevail.


Who needs talent?

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