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Spare propeller?

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Good Mornin' all,


It's -14C here and being on holidays with nothin' else to do but sort thru my new/old tackle/gear ...I got to wondering what would be the best option for a spare prop for my 75HP 2Str Mercury. In the past I have always carried a spare prop in the boat, but have yet to get one for the new rig. Anybody have any experience with "composite" props or anything new to try? Have heard some things about the Piranha props but not too sure about this "plastic prop" stuff. Currently running a 19" pitch & am very pleased with the overall performance so far. A friend suggested a Stainless Steel prop but I usually fish Stoney Lake a lot and it is very aptly named!!


Thanks for any replies,



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I was also considering a stainless prop for my 90 Merc at one time but was told by several folks in the know that on motors under about 150 HP there wouldn't really be any noticible difference and not to waste my money on them.


Just a thought...

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