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Belcarra Regional Park

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Today I drove to Belcarra Regional Park which is located East of Vancouver and took a few photos(280ish).....I did some research on the park and knew the spots I wanted to check out.....first on the list......White Pine Beach/Sasamat Lake



here are a couple kids playing in the sand of White Pine Beach....



2 shots of some lifesaving devices.....





and here are two pictures taken on my walk around Sasamat Lake





The next place I wanted to check out was Woodhaven Swamp. After walking a good distance along the side of this swamp I came to realize there was no real good place to get a photo from....so I had to resort to using my cat like balancing skills to manuever about 30' out into the swamp on a tree......thankfully the picture turned out alright and I stayed dry....



Next on my list of places to visit was Bedwell Bay. It is located on the eastern side of the peninsula that makes up Belcarra Park. There is a trail that leads all the way down the centre of the peninsula all the way to the tip. Once at the tip you have a great view facing north of Indian Arm and nearby Jug Island. I started along the Jug Island trail from the parking lot and after hiking for about an hour I was wondering if there was even access to Bedwell Bay. Sure enough there was a tiny trail to my right and it lead me right to it.....



While exlporing the bay I came across this Cormorant warming itself in the sun....



I headed back up the side trail and continued north to Jug Island where I took this final picture.....


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