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  1. My 84 year old Mom that is in poor health lives in a retirement residence with my 88 year old Father in Hamilton. 2 1/2 weeks ago she fell in the apartment and was hospitalized in Juravinski as she broke spurs off her T-12 vertebrae. We were told by the Nurse Practitioner that thinks she is a MD that they were waiting for an opening in one of 2 rehab facilities for a 90 day assessment for rehab and to determine if she should be living in a continuous care facility. She developed an infection last week and was put in isolation. Yesterday while I was out I received a call from brother in Pt. Dalhousie asking if I could pick her up she was being discharged. By the time I got the message my father took her home by cab. My head was spinning trying to find out how she had a miraculous recovery in 4 days. Today after the CCAA worker left she fell again and rushed to General. My father was also injured trying to lift her up. She is in isolation again because guess what? She has an infection. I put a call out to the social worker on the ward as that is the only way one can get any information. I understand that if her MD had to discuss every case they have with family everyday there would be no time to practice medicine. I called that Nurse Practitioner and had to hang up when I was leaving a message because I knew I was going to say something that would get me in big trouble with the authorities. I am playing telephone tag with the social worker for her ward at the General. My 88 year old father isn't able to understand anything that is going on, all he knows is that he goes to the hospital everyday after lunch sits for 2 hours and goes home. My Mother thought the Nurse was her Dr. when in Juravinski. I have Power of Attorney for them in Health care. I will be going into Hamilton tomorrow to see what in the hell is going on in that city. I didn't want to go today because I wouldn't accomplish anything except perhaps be escorted out by Security. I am shaking as I type this and have been seething all day. Should I call a lawyer while everything is still fresh in everyones minds? I just want my parents to have a comfortable life with what life they have left. We are blessed to still have them with us. I am the only person my age I know that has not 1 but 2 parents still alive, rare indeed. A lawsuit isn't going to do anything for anyone but this isn't right. Someone at Juravinski F'd up big time. They knew I had Power of A but they got her out of that place as fast as they could. If anyone has experience with this and has advice please let me know. Via PM if you wish. Man where does it all end? This is tough on everyone. Mom has been in Hospital 40 months out of the last 50, she is constantly in and out of there. She should have been in a cont. care facility years ago but my father will not have it. He is as stubborn as a mule and selfish. It's time to put our foots down and get her where she can get proper care whether he agrees or not. He has told us that he will die without her, talk about the guilt trip, man what to do? That's my rant for this week. Thanks for listening all. Sorry. Johnny D
  2. Need to get a 50ft electrical cord to plug in my 30ft string of christmas lights I hang on the front of the house. This is the only purpose for this cord. I have heavy duty 12 gauge ones for other purposes. My question is.... will a 16 gauge cord be good enough for this purpose? Checked them out today and the 16 gauge ones are on sale at Crappy Tire for 1/4 the price of 12 gauge. Just trying to save a few bucks....but I don't wanna be cheap if it is going to be any kind of a problem. Thank you to anyone who can help me with this. Thx Burtess just edited my post. I had my numbers mixed up. Basically I need to know if the light duty cords will handle the job of supplying power for my Christmas lights or should I go to a medium or heavy duty cord?
  3. According to what I read this morning there will be 4" Tetrad" eclipses tonight. There have been a total of 8 of this type of eclipse in the last 2000 years. My 3 year old great niece won't see another one unless she lives to 100. I hope it's not overcast. The article didn't say what time or much more than what I said here. Anyone have anymore info than that?
  4. The Canada Revenue Agency has a free introductory course on its website called Learning About Taxes. The lesson takes around 90 minutes to complete and covers the basics of the tax system and how to file a simple tax return online. When you have to take a 90 minute course to learn how to file a SIMPLE tax return how SIMPLE can it be?
  5. This important subject affects us all. Remember to thank your buddies, spouses and co-workers. http://theweek.com/speedreads/450160/study-smelling-farts-may-good-health
  6. Hi guys, I am moving to new house in the end of April and looking for new central vac. I used to have Cana-Vac, which is ok, but I would like to get any advices what might be better, quieter and best place to buy it from. I would really appreciate any help in this matter. thanks
  7. Spent the weekend playing around @ my lease. Hauled a bunch of lumber up the hill that I already had on site. I took a little video from my sled of the trip from truck to lease and back with the drive up the trail I cut in last year. Had to bring in water to hose down the trail in spots to get it to firm up enough so I won't spin the track when hauling a load. Did the top end yesterday with 15 gallons of water spread using a watering can and it worked great. Didn't spin out there today even with a full load of 6x6's. The video I managed to get my beams up the hill solo but I must say a 16' 8x8 pressure treated beam is not light at all. It's a lot harder to back up a loaded komatik than it is to back up a trailer. Digging out the 6x6's
  8. A huge pet peeve of mine. It's been a few years but when was it OK for every waitress or waiter and many other " professional" people start calling their customer guys? I had a real estate salesman call us guys, man oh man, I told him we are not your "guys", he can't spit in my food. I have finally deserved to be called sir since the hair has a swash of grey on each side and the hairline is more than 4 fingers from my eye brows. I dare not tell the 17 year old I'm not your guy, they are in control of my food. I did politely ask one pimple faced child, why does everyone call their customer "guys" she told me her manager told them to it was more friendly and it helped to develop "report" with a hard T. I said report, what's report? She answered something about making the customer feel comfortable. Oh report. I started at the plant full time out of high school and called everyone sir, from the Janitor to the Superintendent until I was told to call them by their first name or Mr. One bird around 5 years older actually told me to call him Mr. Seaton, many years latter he transferred to my dept. and was one of my shift foreman and didn't remember me. I told him he could call me Mr. General Foreman. Then I reminded him I worked for him 25 years earlier. We had a good laugh. I have earned it call me sir or my wife Miss, she will love that, anything but "guys" we will still tip well. Johnny D
  9. House is full of the aroma of rosemary and beefy goodness. It's time now for low and slow... and a skate in the front yard.
  10. http://www2.tsn.ca/bardown/Story.aspx?Two%20Canadian%20kids%20fight%20over%20a%20puck%20in%20the%20most%20Canadian%20way&id=511958
  11. Here are some shots of the Moon, Venus and Mars ad they are are visible and bunched close together on Feb 20 2015. Pictures aren't the best quality but hope you enjoy
  12. Is anyone else getting sick and tired of the wah, wah, wah on the weather net every time they expect snow? Then every other radio station has these special weather bulletins. Epic snowfall of biblical proportions on the eastern seaboard(well some got dumped on). WAH!
  13. In the past few months there have been a lot of threads with "hurt" in them. Can't help but make me think. Look around those close to you, your friends, buddies here on OFC,... How many faces won't be in the mental picture a few years from now. Wayne knows all too well what I mean. I am humbled by the determination, fortitude and endurance you and your family have shown through everything. You are in my thoughts and prayers constantly. Just goes to show we have to cherish what time we have together. Forget the boneheaded dickering, pissing matches and arguments. At the end of the day they aren't worth it. We all have disagreements. So what. Leave it at that. Last memory i want of anyone I know, family or friend, is a bad one. Life is far too short to dwell on such crap. I just hope I get the opportunity to get together with a lot of you guys and gals that i have yet to meet before the clock runs down, and more time to fish with the buddies I do have here. Sorry for rambling.
  14. The largest annual sporting event comes this Sunday. Largest in single game viewership world wide and highest dollar grossing annual event. I don't even know what stupid dollar value it is now for a 30 second commercial, I know it was a million a few years ago. Not withstanding all the over inflation (sorry) and hype who do you like Pats or Seahawks. We have a local get together every year and I try to make a regional food from each teams location. This year it's New England Clam Chowder and a variety of Salmon dishes. It's seems almost every year it's New England Chowder and something else. Last year it was tough picking a dish from Denver, so someone suggested we eat Horse. Didn't happen. I got 4 cattle hooves from the local butcher and it was used as a garnish on the platter of roast beef. I need to find that picture. Some actually wouldn't eat it because they didn't trust me.
  15. Nothing like ripping around an F1 track in a formula car!!!
  16. Just finished scarfing down the best Christmas dinner in years!!!! Baked panko halibut with mashed taters and green beans. Now I'm resting on the couch dealing with a class IV food coma!!!
  17. HAHAHAHA!!!!! There are some beauties in here!!! http://thechive.com/2014/12/10/some-christmas-cards-are-actually-worth-your-time-38-photos/#KXR4jOLPMCdBWju9.01
  18. I know the camp has long since been closed and the dining hall burnt down. Every once in a while I wonder what ever happened to some of the kids as they certainly left a lasting impression. I was a Mohawk in 1970. 9 years later I would be a Programme Director
  19. He's got it pretty much wrapped up in 3 minutes. http://www.wimp.com/correcthumanity/
  20. At the cottage I have a significant slope to the front lawn down to the lake. Been mowing it horizontally with same mower 4 seasons. My Briggs and Statton 4.5 hp push mower is not running well. No choke. Speed not adjustable. Push pump button to start. Starts right away. But runs a bit ruff and rpms fluctuate when change direction. Put some old gas in it earlier in season that may have started the problem. Tried Seafoam. Checked plug. lots of soot on it. Cleaned it up. No change in performance. Is it ok to run a mower horizontally on a slope? Any suggestions? Thanks. Peter
  21. I am a member of a few Ontario based fishing forums. OFC has to have the largest membership by far of those that I'm involved in and spread across Canada and the USA. For any of the administrators and or long time members what is the history of the site? How many members are there here on OFC? When and why was it created, forums just don't miraculously appear out of nowhere, who created it? It always comes up as the #1 site on both Google and Bing search engines. I've always wondered about the history here and now I ask. Thanks Johnny D
  22. hey guys. looking at this on an auction site. anyone care to put a value on it? thanks
  23. A quick question. We were having a meeting this afternoon in the conference room, actually a table in the Quonset hut on buddy's farm. The question, is it a legal requirement to have a name and port of call on the transom of a pleasure craft of a certain length ? I believe I did read something about it a while back, so since I have a PC I was sent of to do more homework for the crew and settle a " discussion". I have searched the Transport Canada site and can't come up with anything other than the registration I.D. on both sides of the bow above the water line. Little Johnny the owner of the farm we were at remembers that all the farm trucks actually needed the farms name on the trucks way back when. The more brown pops we had the louder the discussion became, designated driver stood by of course. Can you help please? Thanks in advance. JD
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