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  1. "natural reproduction" Not so much for the Salmon but the Rainbow and Brown Trouts would have a better chance... yet to make it baby making factory alot has to be done to the waterway and the head waters to keep them fed. More plants above and below the surface and proper repairs to the marsh lands. Something to stop the water from overheating,controled run off from storm sewers, the reduction of salt used near the water ways and a reduction in chemical useage near waterways. Distroying things is cheeper than fixing them... Ken
  2. l am getting better at tying l am in. Even if its to show what l am doing or my own variation of.
  3. It has been a long time since l have chimmed in but this has to be one of the most informative bacon discussions ever. What it comes down to is choises and sometimes you have to have the poop scared out of you to make up your mind. After being in a hospital bed for 8 weekes after flatlining l made my choise. 160 lbs. later l have never felt as good as l do now. l changed how l ate and l changed how l lived with stress. l still have my treats but they are few and far. But white sugar and white bread is hardly consumed by me. Back in the early 1900`s the average person consumed 1-2 lbs of sugar a year and now the average person consumes 21 lbs a month. l also eat natural foods (unprocessed)and l ovoid as much as possible corn syrip but they are in my treats. And trail mix in my new potato chips. But these are my choises but going from 360+ lbs. to 200 lbs. has changed my life. It`s sad but l lost another person that l was carring around with me. Be informed about what you are putting into your body. Oh ya l still eat Bacon.
  4. l don't no much about Bass do they really change sex when they get bigger
  5. Thanks for those words on my brothers profile!

  6. l think the limit reduction on trout will be great for the sport. As far as the ban of roe maybe just have a few rivers as fly only (but all fly's not just the top water). l am not sure about the salmon, a lot of people make their living off of salmon charters and l just don't like taking food of their plates Its bad enough that they have to pay so much money just to run the boats with the price of fuel. l know that will be added to the price for the charter but it would just be a little harder to convince new clients to pay the money for a 2 hour charter because everyone is at their limit. l also think that they should close down a river or two for a year and close different rivers every year to get them on a rotation. This l believe would allow the trout to increase in numbers naturally as well as stocking with harvested eggs from the same river. This fishing ban is in effect in 8 northern Ontario lakes for Aurora Trout which almost became extinct. Yet the bad part of closing a river is that it will make other rivers heavily pressured. Maybe just ban the river till the eggs hatch. There now l turned up the stove and the pot is going to boil... Ken
  7. Just so you know out of the blue l saw your smile. l have only seen you once in my life and you still have a impact me. Peace to you and may you be fishing heavens waters.

  8. l remember that run it had an effect on me then as it has today. l think we have all been in this place of the numbing abyss of sorrow. When l was in that place lots of people told me to "just get through today" well its hard to get through the day when your staring at a bridge thinking that your a waist of breath. Then the next day comes and its no better but on one of those next days you feel the sun on your skin and things begin to change. Life is suppose to have its hard times its the only way to know when when and what is the good times. The greatest part of it all is the people that have been their remember the feelings they had so when you fall into that trap they say "just get through today" its coming from their heart you just don't know it yet. For me it was a quote from Gandhi "When l sleep l am dead, when l awake l am reborn". Some of those sad days l went to bed early just to get it over with. Ken
  9. has not set their status

  10. Their has to be more than 6 tiers on this board must be at least 8
  11. I also sent one to the federal branch of the ministry of environment and the ministry of health and safety (its stated in the green book about sediment run off requirements). I would also add the word "Due Diligence" to your letter which makes this against the law With the "Construction Act" in which the companies evolved will receive fines (sometimes). l have done pond development and l tell you the ministry is their a lot if not then they are not doing there jobs and should be accountable for it. Ken
  12. WWF and not the wrestling group is involved in this, you know the same people that worked on getting the ban on the spring bear hunt. So don't think for a second that they do not have power. Ken
  13. bowshep

    Thanks TJ

    No TJ resist. Post about the best oil for the reels if you need to post...
  14. l have hated Olympic Hockey ever since they let the pro's play. They have no heart for the game its just about themselves, just listen to them talk. Its all about their ego's and their $$$ time. Olympic hockey should be left to the Juniors and the woman's at least if they lose the game was still played with Heart. Crosby said "the U.S. had some lucky bounces in the beginning" well in hockey you make your luck if that was not the case then South Africa would be playing for the gold. Ken
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