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  1. Genes. Nice photos of a beautiful deer!
  2. They associate with well oxygenated, fast moving water in Spring. Bigger fish will have the prime spots. You might be surprised at how shallow you get them. Not to say you can't catch them anywhere else. Follow BillM's advice, har dto do for a 2 day loop but best of luck.
  3. Forgot to add, there is lots of water around, you'd need an entire lifetime to fish it all.
  4. Mostly nice but there is some slum around-bad apples everywhere. Older retired crowd is strong in numbers. Good fishing, hunting season is religion, lots of trails, ATV into town for Timmies no problem. Summers are super extra busy with flocks of folks coming from the city to all the camps in the area, lots of young people. The main lakes dont get busy with boaters, a couple of hot spots and thats about it. Winters full of snowmobiling. Horrendous blackflies and skeeters in Spring. Beer store+liquor store in town alongside a few churches. Something for everyone!
  5. Definitely check out a local club. They often charge a yearly fee however you will get access to many tools, equipment, knowledge, etc. Fantastic way of getting your hands dirty without having to pay the price for the expensive equipment. This community is quite welcoming and super extra friendly I find. If you're a handy man you can look into building your own equipment, depending on what you are trying to achieve of course. I have no first hand experience in lapidary work however do come across articles/forum questions and glance through. A very good resource is www.mindat.org - not lapidary specific by any means however the greatest resource online for minerals. You can even go as far as hunting your own, local material. Just type in the name of any town and a map will pop up with different localities in that area. You will never look at roadcuts the same way again There is a fantastic spot near Bancroft that you wont need much more than a bucket to collect amazonite, peristerite and others that you can fashion into cabochons and what not. If you have any questions shoot me a message. Keep us posted with stuff you make!
  6. Looking for a contact for high risk auto insurance, tired of leaving messages and not receiving any calls back. Tight lines and only big fish ?
  7. I'm firing up the pan next time - hopefully a gator doesn't come and decide I'm sharing my catch.
  8. Fired up male and a female most likely - or a male sub. They're a riot to catch on ultra light and make fantastic gator food, along with the 100 other invasive fish species found in the waterways. Hurray for invasives diversity!
  9. Beautiful and windy - fantastic snook, what a chunker. Your fish appears to be a lizard fish, nasty set of teeth. What other fish did you catch?
  10. Consider working from home a bit longer to see if you actually like it. Then consider making your weekend escape a place to live. Most folks always say they would of done it sooner than later. Lots of these folks are older and are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city. Take the smallest things into consideration. Do you like giving Halloween candy out to children? Living up north off the main highway you'll only be feeding turkeys. How about gourmet food? Goodbye to foreign food and say hello to Timmies, Jacks Chinese and Canadian Food Restaurant, Godfathers and Dixie Lee, oh wait, they're all closed during the winter as soon as the sun sets ( depending on location of course ). Want to go see a festival? Garlic Festival in Maynooth over the weekend, 5 tables with same faces for the last 3000 years. You will need to have good hobbies during the winter. Like gardening? Well, a cold snap in August can kill your tomatoes and you're very limited to what you can grow. Life will become much more simple and slow down a lot. But my goodness does the air taste much better.
  11. For that money you can get quite the Toyota
  12. Recipe? Not a fan of hericium on the pan but a soup sounds interesting
  13. If its on the property and each guy is there, why not? No different than a shared freezer I would think?
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