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  1. right on......hopefully it is good this coming thursday!!!
  2. Hey Guys, Heading up to the cottage next week and was just wondering how the ice is holding up to all this warm weather. Any information would be appreciated!! Thanks
  3. Congrats!!!! Just celebrated the arrival of our first daughter in November, best thing that ever happened to us!!!!!
  4. Im going in 2017 I think Gonna start building a custom hut this spring and pimp it out for the event hahaha Anyone else interested in going?? Might be interesting to have an Ontario group there to show them how to "fish"!!!
  5. right on!!! Ive never been, but I hope you have a blast!!! Either way it will be an awesome experience!!!
  6. Hey Guys, Just wondering if anyone from the board has ever made their way to this event?? http://www.eelpoutfestival.com/ Looks like an awesome time.
  7. Hands down the live target frog has been my go to Fished many frogs over the years, and always find myself going back to the live target frog, I prefer the smaller size myself
  8. Biggie Smalls always seems to bring those smallies in during droughts. On a slow day, my tournament partner will turn to me and say " I think its time for ir" We both know what that means hahahaha
  9. Right on, thanks for the information!! I am getting pretty excited to go out there. Never been out west before!!!!
  10. Nice, any idea of what you can get there from shore???
  11. Right on... I don't know anything about the area at all. I just want to find a decent guide so I can hook into a couple fish lol Thanks for the information We are staying in a condo in downtown Victoria is there any good shore fishing nearby???
  12. Hey guys I am heading to Victoria BC between March 14-21st and was wondering if anyone knew of a good guide service to use to go steelheading I have googled a few, and sent emails but I have not received any replies. Sany help would be appreciated, thanks
  13. Hey Guys, Gonna be heading up to Lake Bernard to fish for whitefish, Lakers, and Ling. Didn't know if we had any members here that regularly fish the area. If so let me know if ya wanna meet up this weekend!!!!
  14. I have always been annoyed with people that just throw theses fish / salamanders on the ice to die. The way I have understood it was that it was illegal, due to the fact that the ministry uses these fish as a gauging tool to study the local ecosystem. Anyone have any information on this??
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