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  1. Thank you everyone for the replies. Mike amd AK your posts really helped me do some planning, thank you. Sinker, sturgeon might be on the list, only ever caught a couple in the Notty. Definitely doesnt compare to the west coast monsters. Will post an update once i plan things out. Thanks again
  2. Thanks guys, really appreciate the input! Definitely will do more reading at Rod's website and maybe contact him. DanD looks like an amazing trip, your post is getting me excited haha. Craig thanks for the reply, definitely down to catch a pink or coho. I only have one saltwater reel, a 15 y/o shimano stella, dont remember the specs but not sure if she can handle those bigger fish (small spool). Did fine with it on gbay but there's definitely a difference. How bad would it be to use a regular reel in the salt water? I'd wash it and lube it and whatnot. Definitely going to try a charter but also would like to do some exploring on foot and fish the beaches
  3. Hi everyone. Very long time lurker, first time poster. Good buddy of mine moved to Vancouver, I have my mind set on visiting him and doing some shore fishing. Would love to hit the higher ground for trout and whatnot but the main goal is getting into salmon off shore. Naturally i have a million questions in terms of timing, general locations, gear, etc. I've caught my fair share of lake O and Gbay salmon so I'm not completely clueless but it would be amazing to get some first hand knowledge. Some websites and youtube are a great wealth of knowledge but like i said, I'd really appreciate if someone could chime in. I'll post more questions if someone replies but for now: is late Aug/ early Sep a decent time to go? Don't care about numbers or size or types of salmon, just want to experience fishing the salt water and hopefully land one. I realize this is an Ontario forum lol, but dont know where else to post and this board seems to have very knowledgeable people. Thanks!
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