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  1. chong

    Need help, Umbrella for the Boat

    you can get an umbrella base like the one you use on the patio, or get this, https://www.renodepot.com/en/parasol-clip-3395001
  2. chong

    leader for frogging?

    i would use 20lb which would be the same as 30lb fluoro.
  3. chong

    leader for frogging?

    what about this , anyone tried it?
  4. chong

    leader for frogging?

    i found this video, what do you think? will doubling the line help ?
  5. chong

    leader for frogging?

    i'm sure it's not the knot, when i go to set the hook and there's no tension ,the line comes flying back limp you know it's a pike
  6. chong

    leader for frogging?

    what about this, has anyone used it before?
  7. chong

    leader for frogging?

    What brand mono would be good? I don'think a 6" titanium leader would be heavy enough to pull the frog down. MJIG fishing hollow belly frog are exciting and gives me a rush eveytime there is a blow up, that's why i like frogging. This is the other reason , a 22"er.
  8. chong

    leader for frogging?

    Do any of you use a leader for frogging? Last summer i lost 5 frogs in one day because of pikes cutting my line,i'm using 40lb braid. I'm thinking of using a 6" titanum leader.
  9. chong

    Shimano JDM Reels ?

    I like the color of the scorpion more than the curado and like having a reel others don't have.
  10. chong

    Shimano JDM Reels ?

    I'm looking to get a new baitcast and looking at the Shimano Scorpion 71xg (curado71xg) ,do you think its worth it ? What are the advantages of a JDM reel if any? The Scorpion is 200$usd shipped , so it's about 280$cad.
  11. chong

    curado 71hg?

    What do you guys think of the curado hg for jerkbaits? will it hold enough line? (14lb fluoro) or should i get a bigger reel?
  12. chong

    stradic ci4 handle

    I'm in Montreal. The handle it not stiff at all, it's the rubber handle itself that is getting sticky.( I think I fish too much....not) I'm going to send it in to have it cleaned and ask to have the knob changed.
  13. chong

    stradic ci4 handle

    I don't want to deal with shiman au peche. I have the stella 2500 FD.
  14. chong

    stradic ci4 handle

    thanks i'll give them a call
  15. chong

    stradic ci4 handle

    The knob on my stella is getting sticky and I would like to change it, Does anyone know if it would fit and where I can get the knob?