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  1. Great report Vic! we toughed it out in the 40k wind and have something to show for it. The cutbait wasn't too bad Mike, it actually smelled good after awhile lol.
  2. Seems good to me, late sleeper.
  3. Don't think you can type faster on an iphone then a blackberry with a full qwerty. Can you take the battery out of the iphone to replace it like the blackberry? Nope. Don't get me wrong as I said in my previous post the iphone is a very good device for browsing and media, but I wouldn't say it's the best.
  4. Can you send a Picture message with your iphone??? Can you race a blackberry user in typing a coherent message??? What happens when your battery dies??? The iphone is a nice device but I wouldn't say it's superior. oh ya can you take a picture in the dark with the 2MP camera???
  5. Another blackberry user here. If you want to use it for push email nothing beats any of the full qwerty keyboard blackberry models! If you want to play games, browse the net and listen to music I would say iphone.
  6. Great recap of the year and nice pictures. That musky looks huge!
  7. The first brown has beautiful colors on it.
  8. I love technology and usually have the lastest cellphone out there. The older sony w810i was a solid cellphone. Built very tough and had a pretty decent camera for 2mp. It wasn't even a cybershot line of cellphone, it was a walkman. The sony cybershots are good, especially the k790 it is a 3.2mp, this model is a bit older so you can usually get it for a cheaper price. The 5mp cybershot sony k850 shots amazing pictures but has softwares issues so I would avoid them. Samsung and Nokia also have some very good camera phones out there. Try checking out the U series or G series samsung cellphones and the Nokia N95. I wouldn't get an iphone for the camera feature when fishing because it's not a rugged device you would like to carry around and they don't have a flash. My daily phone is a blackberry curve 8320 which is a 2mp that takes decent pictures. I also have a razr as my beater phone when I am creek fishing.
  9. Those are some nice fish, I'm sure they made the trip worthwhile.
  10. A different kind of post but very interesting, thanks.
  11. We were fishing the BOQ for eyes on friday and didn't do any good either, only caught one sheepshead. In the evening we marked fish at all depth but couldn't get any to bite.
  12. Great to here that sheepie tasted good Chris. We will get them walleyes next time!
  13. Got to say fall fishing is the best! Caught my pb smallie and musky this fall as well. Congrats with the musky, looks real chunky.
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