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  1. A couple of CTCs around here had Vexilar FL8 Genz packs: $225.00 I saw the computer inventory....only a few still have them. Call ahead, product #79-3924
  2. 100% scam: "I always use 100% safe methods" is part of the dead give away. Having the wrong price gets people excited and pulls a few more fish into the net. forrest
  3. I have an idea of what is going on but more clarification is required. Your searches on google worked for me. What URL does it send you to? What happens when you type the URL in manually? What version of windows are you running? There is a computer help section under extra resources. forrest
  4. On the regular interface here and Firefox. One click is good. Try Firefox if it works single click then check your IE settings. Clear your cache too. If you still have to double click then check your windows mouse and desktop settings. forrest PS...I don't have windows here so I can't narrow it down for you.
  5. Your right its not that big of a deal. Did management not have the funds to fight it? Did they say let the workers sort it out? Did they fear a system wide ban on the prayer? Were the other workers harassing this complainer and he struck back? Is the complainer just a malcontent? Well whatever happened in that workplace it is not being revealed. One thing is certain. the guy who complained was able to work the system pretty good. Well better to have a system than no system at all. forrest
  6. Yep, next weekend. Tonight it is Steve B's brother and another fight with Fedor E and Andrea A. forrest
  7. Maybe the operators can turn it around.....he might even contact old customers and give a great discount on an improved service. Can a business turn it around? forrest
  8. Cool stuff! It also looks like they are taking their time, as required, with it so experiments can be done.
  9. Not going to comment on the lure colours types.....you have enough stuff to try out for a while. You may want to add a float or two so you.
  10. Is your GF going with you? That would require extra options.
  11. Dodging ice floes? I will not complain about water conditions again. nice fish forrest
  12. Its OT but: The reason humans under 16: They are being subjected to a hazardous substance (cigarette smoke) and they cannot speak for themselves.
  13. You know it is good when the pranksters run like heck.
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