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  1. looking for a cheap bow mount electric motor to throw on the from of my 14 tinner
  2. here is a pic of the splashguard trim piece. Its really just a piece of sharp tsteel bolted to the side that will catch and grab and bend if it bumps a dock. http://dundasmarine.ca/listing/polarkraft-156---165-side-consoles-35640.html
  3. I have one but fit and finish is not great. stuff like the splashguard is cheap metal clearly not deigned for boat. Also would not get up on plain without weight up front. Iv since moved on from it and would not consider another
  4. What do you expect hes nothing more than a high school drama teacher in a rush to get us to a trillion in dept all while chasing away industry with his over the top policies. Bash trump but he will eat trudeau alive, Hopefully in four years we will elect someone with a business education and experience to fight for jobs
  5. you may be right the about concentrated being off the market. However is is not watered down from the way the concentrated version is suppose to be mixed. The label is law on concentrated versions . Thats the best part about the pesticide ban , homeowners who think products will work better if mixed stronger than label says no longer have that option
  6. roundup is not banned in ontario. It is still registered for noxious weeds, eg poison ivy wild carrot eg. And it is the same strength and product as the usa. Also golf courses landscapers and farmers have never had super versions of the products homeowners used to have. It was the same stuff. Just a myth i would like to clear up
  7. I went to look at them the other day. One thing to consider is the floor and carpeting is one piece. Meaning if you have a leaky hose soft floor ect you will have to gut the whole boat. Lunds princecraft ect come out in sections with screws, main floor where you walk around none of it is barried
  8. Things look obvious but all im saying is whoever put them there could have been caught red handed. The tournament organizer owes it to everyone who got payed their entry fees to catch and convict. not just ask them.
  9. There is a history of people doing this and getting caught by clipping fins watching the spot ect. To me the tournament director dropped the ball by not getting solid evidence on these two. To ask them was the worst way imo
  10. can anyone recomend a good 4 stroke carb mechanic in the hamilton gta area
  11. chemong has bays dry. Isnt this getting kind of crazy that they are not bringing them back up
  12. That was the company who had the 15 hp on a 18 pontoon boat
  13. what bothered me more was all the boat show special prices included a way underpowered motor. One manufacturer had a 15 hp on a 18 foot pontoon boat. believe 90 was max. not one boat there came with max hp on it. but i guess i missed the ranger lol
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