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  1. Well I finally got to read this month's Ontario Out Of Doors magazine and of course I was anxious to read Bob McGary's article on the Great Lake Steelheads with our very own Shawn Patrick aka..Fishndevil! It was a very intersting read. Last summer Shawn was very excitied about taking Bob out fishing on Lake O and Bob learned a great deal from Shawn and the other great fishermen that were mentioned in the article. This will be something that Shawn will remember for years to come and having the chance of doing something like that, is very rare. It took alot of years, time, knowledge and work to become the kind of fisherman that Shawn has become. I am very proud of him and he deserved this opportunity, he has worked VERY hard for this!
  2. Now you all know why I DON"T want to get out of bed in the morning and I WANT to go to bed EARLY!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!
  3. Well after days of working on that beautiful trophy, you did an awesome job! but honestly I cannot wait until that BIG trophy goes somewhere else since we don't have the room and I am tired of tripping over the dang thing!LOL But now watch by my luck, Shawn will win his own trophy and it will come back here.LOL Seriously though, You did a great job and it was VERY kind of you to make that for a fun tournament and the promotion of Catch and Release is a great and smart idea! You should take pride in the work that you have done! I just wish I could go to BOQ this year, but work calls so I hope maybe that next year I can be able to go. I have not ever been there yet and I would love to go there someday I wish you luck Shawn on the tournament and I know that you will have a GREAT weekend of fishing and fun! You deserve it after you work so hard for this family and of the two surgeries that you had in the last couple of months! GO SHAWN GO!!!!
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLIFF!!!!! I hope that you had a great one, from the look of your other post, you got some amazing gifts! You derserve them and I hope you enjoy giving them a great workout! Angelina's birthday was today too, she turned six. We got her the Baby Alive doll, that she has been asking for, for a year now.LOL She said it was the best birthday ever, of course.LOL. Again, Happy Birthday buddy!
  5. You both did SO amazing for the couple of days that you were fishing! It works out perfectly for us, I take care of the homefront, and you do what you love and I am always happy when you have great days fishing, you well deserve it and we have great dinners because of you. Aren't you glad that I told you to say there for the night since the fishing was great???LOL And Ernie, you did awesome for yourself and I hope that the fish keep biting, it will keep you busy for awhile Again, YOU GUYS DID AMAZING!!!!
  6. Thanks Roy and yes I know that you want pics!LOL
  7. Thanks Cliff! I have been so busy, I just started a new job cleaning the family court house here in Oshawa so I have not had alot of time to do anything but like always it is great to be back!
  8. I just wanted to thank K-Dawg for the awesome t-shirt and amazing decals that I won for the month of August! I didn't even know that I won until I checked the mail today and found a package addressed to me, I automatically thought it was for Shawn until I saw my name on the package.LOL Thank you again K-Dawg for the awesome prize! I will wear that shirt with pride! And I would also like to thank OFC for having such a great community going (the best), and I would like to thank Shawn for telling me about this great site and showing me how fun fishing can be!
  9. Well I hope that the corn did not ruin on you? , I told you this was addicting....gets worse.LOL I think I caught one fish when I was younger, and I was 18!LOL You are not allowed on his boat?????? well that's not fair and maybe you can change that one day get your own and no boys allowed.LOL Imagine a Dr.Phil show based on fishing and the women that aren't allowed to go That would be different and very intresting! I hope to chat with you alot more! It was great to meet you.
  10. Well thank you for the kind words Carpe Diem, actually I just started fishing about 4 years ago, and I still have tons to learn! I did fish when I was a little girl, but I was never taught properly about fishing. You never have to be anxious about posting, you will start finding it addicting and your friends list will grow. Since I have joined, I have met alot of great people here. If you ever have questions or you need help or info, feel free to ask, people are pretty cool here
  11. Wow, that was a great and intresting report! talk about having a intresting holiday! Those birds are so neat to look at, and I was shocked to see a Heron on your neighbour's roof when you live in the city. You also caught some really nice fish, all of that made for a great holiday for you and your family! Thanks for the great report!
  12. Boy now you did it!LOL, the ducks don't want to leave now but how could anyone ever say no to them, it sounds like your weekend was pretty busy and those are some nice fish that were caught! That dinner looked yummy!
  13. Hey Gerritt, Fishindevil swears by Lowrance. He would never buy anything else. I hope that helps you a bit, if you want to know more, pm him and let him know what you are looking for. He is great at this electronic stuff.
  14. Mine is a bit slow as well, and I am on Rogers
  15. I totally agree with you Photoz about the ciggerette butts! I take my empty timmy's cup with a little water in it and put my butts in there and after I come in after being out on the water, I throw it in the garbage bin.
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