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    Hi all, So far we’ve had very little now this winter, so getting around by truck on the lake is a bonus. Even better when you can drive off your front lawn and not even half a mile away get into some nice crappie. Rolodex gets to come too even though he takes off visiting neighbors!?.
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    At the Legion in Stoney Creek if we can get in.... Dave? Cheap beer ?
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    I've had many dogs over my lifetime and every one has lived on people food and they all lived long and healthy lives. My last pooch lived till he was 18 years old and we used to take him for a check-up every year and when he was 16 the vet said she couldn't believe how healthy he still was at his age and asked what we fed him. I said he ate basically whatever we had for supper and she was horrified and said people food is the most unhealthy thing you can feed a dog. I said "you just told us you couldn't believe how healthy he was" and she sorta blushed and said "yeah I guess I did, didn't I " Ole Marv live for another 2 years on his unhealthy diet LOL
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