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Air Cochrane Floodwood Lake Report June 2022


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We're 20+ years Air Cochrane fishermen.  This past June we spent a week on Floodwood Lake.  We caught a ton of average size walleye and medium sized pike "24-36".  There are lots of beaver and loons on the lake making for good wildlife entertainment.  The issue of this lake is the state of boats, motors, cabin and outhouse are terrible.  Many of Air Cochrane's facilities have been falling apart for years and they're always saying they're gonna fix things and sadly it does not.  In Floodwood only one motor worked and if we did not pay for a digital phone we would have been 4 guys with one boat for a week.  We were able to call base and the next day a pilot came and fixed them.  The main door to the cabin would not shut.  The lakeside wall was separated both from the foundation and ceiling.  When it rained it leaked all over and there was enough firewood to keep the stove lit for a night.  We had to forage for the rest of the week.    As with all the Air Cochrane lakes....white jigs for walleye and BIG spinnerbaits for pike always produce.  Couple of great places for shore lunch.  The map link on their website is fairly accurate.  It does have a crazy bottom in a couple places making a depth finder very helpful.  

Our group will not be returning to Air Cochrane until their facilities are at least respectable for rustic outposts. If you do go, don't let the pilot leave you until you've got your boats running, check to see if there is gas enough for your visit, check to see if there is enough firewood (it was in the 30's several nights when we were there in mid June), bring a ton of duct tape to patch holes in walls and windows (mosquitos) and pay for digital sat phone....unfortunately they'll charge you for the service but not the call if you need something.







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