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Flip jigs and a couple of poppers

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I received a box full of bass flipp,n jigs from a member here a while back. The thought was to tie jigs for deep water lakers or pikeral. Just cut off the weed guard . This was not why I excepted them. I wanted to tie flipp,n jigs. The biggest obstacle was tying around that guard.  Pain in the a$$ . So get to thinking on how to keep it out of the way . Came up with , a small nail and paper clip solution . Just push the guard towards and over the eye,insert nail through the eye loop and attach the paper clip . Worked great . To get the guard back to it,s proper shape and location, I just clipped the guard to the hook and let it sit for 5 minutes and the jig was back to normal. Knowing they would take a beat,n, lots of super glue and hard as nails was used on the wraps and securing the half hitch knots . Cut some body parts from thin foam. Ya,rubber would of been better, but do not have any. LOL




These are what I came up with. They should work .








As I was rummaging through my boxes, I found my popper heads. So tied a couple up .





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Wow, they look really great! :clapping:"They should work"

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