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Heard of Knight Lake? Air Cochrane


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Has anybody heard of Knight Lake in Ontario? Going on a fly in trip via Air Cochrane I cannot find any information on this lake anywhere on the Internet. I have been on Mikwam, Haultain, Nettogami, and Edgar lakes with Air Cochrane. Seem strange that there seems to be no information on this lake.


If you or a friend know anything about this lake I would very much appreciate any insight and/or reflections. Many thanks in advance~Bret

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They bought that camp from True North Air Service a few years back. Maybe you'll have some luck searching with that. Otherwise, they just reopened that camp under Air Cochrane last year. So, won't be much information around under them. I believe it's a shallow very weedy lake.


Take a look at the bing.com aerial map of the lake.



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