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Wow its hard to Believe that its been 5 years since we went public with our baits. I just want to thank all the OFC family for the support over the years.


For the people who don't know who we are please let me give a little run down. I'm Mike Parker was and am still just a member of the OFC family I was a walleye Pike and Bass fisherman until one day in June of 2005 when I hooked into a musky with my father since then I am a musky nut. I started building my own lures in 2005 (I have always built my own stuff no matter what I have fished for) this time it was different I had such passion for doing this little did I know that in the fall of 2010 things would change I started to sell in a store. Since then things have been amazing my wife helps me build the lures and our kids do as well at times. We all have gone to many shows together and have a blast.

We make inline flashabou lures, Closed loop spinner baits, Still working on our topwater bait, and have Bump boards. In 2015 we introduced our Blingers to the musky world they are our large curly tail trailer they are made to my specs that I had custom done for our molds to make our baits they come with a coil system that I have designed to fit our 5/0 hooks. please check out our faccebook page for all the details on them.


Be sure to mention that your a OFC member when placing a order with us you can do this by:

email to: [email protected]
Check out our web site: www.handlebarzmuskylures.com

our facebook page is always updated: www.facebook.com/Handlebarzmusky


Thank you all

Mike Parker and family




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