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Lucky Sons overnight huts

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I am looking to head out Wednesday with a friend to Lucky Sons Ice Huts out of Gilford.

Was wondering if anyone had rented from them before, and if the area is good for perch right now.

We had rented a hut last year around the same time from Dave's fish huts out of Virginia beach and had the best ice fishing experience, unfortunately I don't think Dave's has overnight sleepers.

Just don't want to go out for 24hrs if the fish aren't there, guess its a gamble with fishing we all take.


Any advise is appreciated. Thanks

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I was out there yesterday... a little north of Gilford, to avoid the circus... but I could see the bottom crystal clear in 30fow. Tons of perch, tons of herring... those buggers wouldn't let my lure/minnow get to the bottom. Not many jumbos though. I think visibility in Cooks is more about snow cover... I could see beautifully yesterday until later in the day when it snowed and covered the ice.

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Thanks for the report fellas, I think we are going to hit up Virginia beach Wednesday with Daves Fish huts instead. Hopefully we find the jumbos there, we cleaned up last year, probably caught over 100 perch each throughout the day, ended up keeping 25-30 each, all close or over 9 Inches. Think the biggest was around 13 inches.

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