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  1. I was looking at their site the other day, they seem like a good option. Just gotta talk with my buddies and figure it out. Thanks for the input
  2. Gowganda seems like a good balance of distance and pricing... and remoteness. Thanks fellas, I'll be browsing and contacting some folks.
  3. Well the idea of rainbows was just a long shot, walleye and pike are the main targets. What would you consider a reasonable price for a decent outfitter?
  4. I've heard of the Wipers being caught in Lake ontario, one being around the pickering nuke... and I've heard of Stripers being introduced into small lakes and ponds in the northern states. So they probably could survive in Lake Ontario or it's surrounding waters.
  5. Hey fellas, A couple work buddies and I are looking to rent a cabin for a few days next June, and was wondering if anyone had any information. So many places to chose from, all claiming they're the greatest. Preferably within 8hrs of Toronto and hopefully not overly expensive. As for fish species... walleye, pike, maybe rainbow trout. Anything is greatly appreciated. Tight lines
  6. The warm and rain didn't reek havoc up there?
  7. Hey guys, lookin to get out for a fish tomorrow. Would love to hit St. Johns for pike, but unsure of ice conditions. Wondering if it's worth it, or if I should go back to the Minden region for some bows. I found a healthy 7" of ice in that region. But I would love to get into some pike. Thanks in advance, tight lines
  8. My friend used to have Madtoms in his aquarium, they're probably a more interesting fish to have in an aquarium. Wouldn't it make more sense to have a couple native fish in an aquarium than some imported fish? If they get released, then they belong there... unlike a snakehead.
  9. Where did you get the green sunfish?? I thought they were further south? That's pretty cool though, and probably a bit annoying with their aggressiveness. Sounds like cichlid behaviour. I'm just waiting for my tetras to peter out, they're all reaching the top end of the average life span... so it probably won't be long. Good to hear bullheads are pretty easy to care for
  10. I'm thinkin about putting a small bullhead in my aquarium. Probably a safer bet and more legal
  11. Last weekend I caught my first couple Channel Cats, and got my first taste. Caught it out of the Trent system, fast moving dark water. It was very delicious, no mucky taste whatsoever. Also caught an eel, gotta call the MNR about that still.
  12. I've heard using carp for cutbait can be really productive, is this true? If so, I know a pond around the corner where I can catch 4-5lbers all day.
  13. I am also interested in giving channel cats a go, never caught one. Tried in Jordan Harbour back in April... got skunked, lost a decent sized fish that I can guess was a channel. Anyone have much luck on the Trent or Moira rivers?
  14. Awesome! Tasty buggers
  15. I find 4ft waves on the ocean or even Lake Ontario are very different from 4ft waves on a small lake. On the bigger bodies of water 4ft waves are more like big rollers, where as in a small lake they're violent choppy waves. Not to say 4ft waves aren't choppy and dangerous on bigger bodies of water, but they seem more likely to be rollers. Either way, it's a sad story... my good buddy and his brothers have lost a long time friend. I never knew the person, but it sucks none-the-less.
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