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  1. Thanks! Funny how we're just used to the fish we catch in the rivers around here, bass, perch, pike.. Are drum any good to eat?
  2. My buddy caught this today at Stoney Point Lake St Clair, We're not sure what type of fish it is... any help??
  3. So I had a discussion with a fellow today, If nature calls for the #2 what do ya do? obviously with no outhouses around.
  4. Thanks for the report fellas, I think we are going to hit up Virginia beach Wednesday with Daves Fish huts instead. Hopefully we find the jumbos there, we cleaned up last year, probably caught over 100 perch each throughout the day, ended up keeping 25-30 each, all close or over 9 Inches. Think the biggest was around 13 inches.
  5. That was a great read. Beautiful fish
  6. another question- last year we could see the bottom of the lake, it was like a big aquarium. How many FOW until you cant see the bottom? (this wasn't a drilled hole, it was a rectangle cut out through the ice)
  7. I am looking to head out Wednesday with a friend to Lucky Sons Ice Huts out of Gilford. Was wondering if anyone had rented from them before, and if the area is good for perch right now. We had rented a hut last year around the same time from Dave's fish huts out of Virginia beach and had the best ice fishing experience, unfortunately I don't think Dave's has overnight sleepers. Just don't want to go out for 24hrs if the fish aren't there, guess its a gamble with fishing we all take. Any advise is appreciated. Thanks
  8. I see this mostly in perch fishing, when people are keeping 15 + Perch and they just throw them aside all flapping around on the ice or in a bucket, it just doesn't sit well with me, a good whack over the head takes no time at all, and when cleaning the fish they don't flop all over the cutting board. I fish because I love the sport, when I don't catch and release I treat the animal with the most respect, I waste nothing and appreciate it with respect and dignity.
  9. Ok, I have seen a lot of videos of people ice fishing, or fishing in general, on this site and off. My question is how many people kill their fish when they determine that its a keeper, or do you just throw it aside and let it flop around until it slowly dies. I always have my "fish striker" attached to my tackle bag and once I catch a fish that is a keeper, I give the fish a solid blow to the head to end the misery. I cant stand watching videos on youtube when people are filleting a fish live, its just not humane. Your thoughts?
  10. I am looking to spend a night on the ice with a friend or two, on Simcoe, or maybe Scugog (have never been on Scugog- good Perch fishing?) Anyone recommend an operator? I have always fished with Dave's Fish Huts out of Virginia Beach, and loved it, but unfortunately they do not have over night huts.
  11. I agree, do a bit of reading on these windmills that are popping up all over Ontario they cost a lot more than they are worth, break down all the time and cause problems with birds and bats. Check out the 'Shadow Flicker' effect that they cause on nearby homes. If you like them so much, go move next to one. As for the eagles nest, typical MNR.
  12. It's been long enough, make the Natives follow the rules of the rest of us. Taxes, Hunting, Fishing. No more long netting, no more unlimited kills, no more free rides.
  13. I have a pair of Kamiks similar to those, have had them for 3 years now and they keep my feet warm and dry. For the price they are great boots. My buddy wore his work boots ice fishing last year and as soon as we got back he went out and bought a pair of Kamiks.
  14. Buy an Argo, land, ice, water. Just dont know how easy it would be from open water to get onto ice again
  15. Whats Virginia Beach looking like? I'd drive over and check it out but its about 2 hours from me
  16. wow, looks like a fun day of fishing, bet your new years dinner will be tasty. Cheers.
  17. I would be using a 6 or 8 inch hand auger. Thanks
  18. Thanks, If I can find a place to park, and go out on the ice, I'm ok? Stupid question, but is any lake like this public domain? I know lakes or ponds with no road access are most likely going to be on someone's property, and I'm not looking for that, but if there is parking next to a lake its free game? Also, once I am done fishing a hole, do I just leave it? Or put up some kind of marker for open ice holes? Thanks so much, rookie just trying to learn and have fun! -Greg
  19. Thanks guys, that helps a lot! cheers!
  20. Terry, What app for google maps is that? I have never seen anything like it.
  21. Hey all, I'm heading up north for a few days over new years and I am craving ice fishing. I am headed to Trout Creek (30mins South of North Bay) I was wondering if anyone knows of a lake/pond up that way? I have fished Eagle Lake (just west of South River/ Sundridge area) in the summer before, but was wondering if anyone has been on the ice there? There are a few other lakes in the area I haven't been to, Bernard Lake, Sundrige and Forest Lake, South River. Anyone been? I have only ever gone ice fishing in rented huts on Simcoe, so I also was wondering what is the etiquette for fishing on your own on smaller lakes? Any tips? I just don't want to trespass, or tick anyone off. Any help is greatly appreciated! -Greg
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