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Weekend of Fishing Lake Erie

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Well I got out a little late saturday, my buddy and I got to Long Point around 4pm and we were on the water not long after. It was the first time I have fished from long point that I can remember, Also the first time I have targeted largemouth in the grass and shallows like that. Wasn't to long before I have one on. Wasn't a big one but a good feeling getting it. Didn't get to much action after for a bit so moved further into the weeds and I changed my bait, not long after that and I got another. Wasn't the action that I'm used to with smallmouth at my parents on erie but was better then I was expecting. Ended the day around 8:30pm due to a good storm that came in fast, I caught 7 and my buddy got 3. We ended up staying the night out in Port Rowan and realized that the town isn't much of a tourist town 9:30pm and nothing open not a place to get a beer lol. Well we went to the only place open, Godfathers pizza had a slice and back to sleep in the truck. We got up at 5:30am and were on the water in no time. Today was a better day for me got to try somemore things and really utilize my new to me rod and reel thanks to Uglyfish. It worked great and had no problems rippin the bass through the weeds. We fished until about 1:30pm today. Today the count was 8 for me a 3 again for my friend. I lost a couple in the weeds today but had more action also. Well I ended up getting back in to Stoney Creek to find out that the wife and I had to go out to my parents to pick up the daughter. Darn lol I got to go to Lake Erie agian lol. Well I got out there and hung out with the daughter for a bit and then went out for some smallmouth with my dad, I took him to one of my spots, He's not a big fisherman and doesn't care to lol. We ended up bringing in 13 in less then a hour 11 me and 2 him we both lost a couple, none were big but it was nice to get out with him. All in all it's been a damn good Canada Day weekend.


Now some Long Point pics


Some of Saturdays Catches









Some of Todays Catches



Here was a double header we got and the only one










Hope you enjoy and hopefully I'll have some more soon.




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Thanks guys, Splashhopper your right shes always playing with it lol scratching it but I think she likes it and regarless lol I do.

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I can't believe how many largemouth the BC bayou is producing this season. Decent ones too. Awesome job!

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