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spent money bought a new bait cast reel

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Well I bought me a new reel I hope it works well for me . it fit nice in my hand and felt good

it's a Quantum ct101Hpt Catalyst LH


now just need to load it up and get to the backyard practice.

need to finish up a bunch of school stuff (anyone want to build a ladder logic diagram) then i can play

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ok took a break from my school project and mid term study and spooled up some 15lb line I had. (had to play) tossed it a bunch of times with a casting plug and it's wayyyyyyyyy better than the old unit I had/have. want to get the feel for it then I will get some braid for it. but that will be a whole new learning curve.I have noticed my casts seem to go high up (over wires in back yard before getting in corn field) not straight out i have also noticed that I'm real bad at the cast going to my left

this is mainly side arm stuff

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