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The Ministry of Natural Resources is committed to reducing preventable causes of human-bear conflict in Ontario. The Bear Wise Program teaches people about black bears as well as things they must do to keep bears away from urban and semi urban areas. We work with community leaders to establish local prevention programs. We offer many education and awareness products including a website. We provide a bear information and reporting line. We work in partnership with police to respond to human-bear incidents.


Bear Wise Program


“This kind of program will make a huge contribution toward involving and educating the public in ways that will minimize unwanted killing of bears by preventing human-bear conflict before it develops. It will also contribute to human safety.”


Dr. Stephen Herrero

Bear Expert and University of Calgary Professor


Feed birds in winter only



Be Bear Wise – What You Can Do



You can discourage black bears from coming onto your property or into your community. Know what attracts bears, and take steps to eliminate or control those items.




Keep bears away by removing attractants. It doesn’t take a lot of time and it doesn’t cost a lot of money. Get involved. Here’s what you can do:


  • Learn about black bears and know what attracts them
  • Keep your property clean and free from things known to attract bears
  • Feed birds only during the winter
  • Be extra careful with how you store and dispose of your garbage
  • Establish a community-based bear prevention program





239975.jpgBlack Bear Ecology - Teacher Guides



With a focus on the fascinating world of black bears, this program provides teachers with a classroom ready resource. More...

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