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need help with late season fishing????

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Well as it turns out i will have one last chance next sunday fishing up in the parry sound area.

I normally am not lucky enough to get out this time of year as its my busy season at work.


The lake im fishing has walleye/sauger, smallmouth bass and pike. What type of bait should i be using in this cold water season and what should the presentation be? fast slow, big bait or small?


Please help for all species above?





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Perhaps you should contact ChuckNLaddyWalleye....

winners of this years BOQ g2g..they were doing something awfully right.

Us, we live on the Trent -Severn Waterway and I fish almost everyday...

Seems we've got Pike now instead of Musky.............pissser

Just the same we've been catching them with regularity..

Not monsters but not pukes either....(24" - 38")

Troll slower then normal........(less then 2 mph)

Mid sized spoons in hot pink or yellar 5 of diamonds does the trick

Smallies were in abundance not just 2 weeks ago but I think they are deep now and drop shotting would be a choice...we dont target them this time of year tho...We Want fish with teeth.

Like I said tho..........so many Wally pro's out there....get in touch with ChuckNLadywallye for their success.

Good luck to you


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This time of year it`s a bait fish bite, they will still hit other types of lures but bait fish are what they are seeing now. Lures that imitate them are a good choice. The depths they are holding in can vary, but probably won`t be far from food. Bugs are gone frogs and crawfish in hiding they can get locked in on bait fish.


They slow down a little but can still make a rush to get food, get it close to them. White grubs on a jighead, white tubes, crankbaits, spoons, blade lures can still get fish this time of year.

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