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Found 1 result

  1. well..its that time of year. After some unforseen circumstances with my intended location of storing, I am stuck (although somewhat willingly because i can get my boat out of storage in march now to go fishing in the south carolina) using a navigloo to put the baby away for winter. I am also probably going to take some extra care and wrap the baby up in extra tarps around the trailer, jack up the trailer onto blocks to keep it off of the ground etc etc. Its my first time winterizing a boat! Bass Boat Central has a great guide on winterizing your boat. found here http://www.bassboatcentral.com/winterizing.htm Ive got the fogging oil, the lower end oil, the marine fuel stabilizer, the premium ethanol free gas to top the tanks up, the marine oil to top that tank up as well. Im ready to pull all of the batteries out and store them on wood somewhere warm, and ive got some plumbing antifreeze to dump down the livewell drains and pumps. One common theme of concern though that I keep coming across is moisture and mice. the last thing i need is some damn vermin chewing through my fibreglass. Does anyone have any tips for keeping the moisture and mice out? I have heard of "buckets of moisture manager" being placed inside the boat...what products are you using? Ive also heard of using mothballs to keep mice away...but is it effective? Anyone have any tips?
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