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  1. Interesting article on Honda's new diesel engines coming to North America soon. http://www.caranddriver.com/news/honda-to-launch-clean-diesel-in-the-us-within-three-years-car-news
  2. Don't do this!!!! http://www.news.com.au/video/id-NxbDVydzr-CEQ0qZTPtJNonXV1Jsm_9F/Man-starts-gas-station-fire-trying-to-kill-spider-with-lighter?sc_ref=facebook
  3. EXTRA!!!!!! EXTRA!!!!!!!! TRUDEAU IS A TWERP!!!! http://www.macleans.ca/politics/ottawa/why-david-suzuki-called-justin-trudeau-a-twerp/
  4. Sorry I dont know how to put a link up but there is an article on CBC news on Jean Chretiens opinion of what has happenened to Canada under Harpers leadership. I couldn' agree more.
  5. This is the kind of crap we have to deal with living up here in the North country!!! Took these just now out in my driveway.
  6. So as many of you know Sue and I are in a transition mode, we love this place but it has become more than I can handle in the last few years so we are going to down size. I have talked to a couple of real-estate agents over the last few months about selling this place and finding out what a fair asking price would be, I have also talked to a few other people that sold their places. I believe we have established a fair and reasonable asking price based on what we have to offer. Last night we sat down with an agent thinking we were going sign a listing. That is when the fun started, the agent sat here showing us "similar places" to ours that had sold in our area (all for less than what we had been led to believe our place was worth). I started going through these "similar" places. One had no basement, it was on a slab. Ours has a full basement with two bedrooms, a 4 piece bath, beautiful family room with fire place. The next one had a wet slip boat house, I've seen it, the wood is all rotten and it is bairly sitting on some pilons; ours is all new built to with stand huricanes (really, huricane strips and all) dry boat house with a marine railway. most of the houses she showed me were built with 4" walls and insulated to R12, our exterior walls are all six" and insulated to R20. There were MANY things that our place has compaired to the ones she was showing us but it all boiled down to the same thing, the only similarity was they were in our general area, they were houses, and they sold for less than what we wanted. The list just keeps going on and every time I pointed out one of these things she just blew it off and showed me another house that sold for less than I wanted and explained how the market was starting to stagnate and people weren't buying the more expensive houses. Then I asked her about the commission, if we were selling for $200,000.00 she would get $10,000.00 commission true? The answer was yes. If I sell for $600,000.00 she gets $30,000.00 true? The answer was yes. Then I asked her what she did differently between the two to earn the extra $20,000.00. Did she work harder, did she spend more advertising, what did she do differently? The answer was; well it's a lot harder to sell a $600,000.00 property than to sell a $200,000.00 property. After she left I looked at Sue and said "she isn't interested in SELLING our place, all she is trying to do is convince us to sell it at as low a price as she can so that someone buys it because it is such a good deal". I have been in sales all my life and I know that a good sales person looks for and at all the benifits and features then takes that information and sells it to a buyer. Not one of the agents I have talked to lately is interested in doing that! Every one of them was more interested in what other places had sold for, in other words they were only interested in selling on price, make it cheap enough and someone else would buy it. Has anyone here used a company called Property Guys? My neighbour did and just sold his place, not sure how that all worked out for him because it just closed but my understanding is that they have a good reputation. Comments please!
  7. I am sick and tired of babying my canon powershot and am looking at buying one of those water, shock and freezeproof cameras . Any experiences and which brand would be recommended
  8. This board never lets me down, so I am reaching out, due to my health issues I have a bunch projects that either need completion and or need to be done but I can't seem to find the right person. I know that we have members on here from all wakes of life so I would much rather deal with someone who I have a natural conection with than just pulling a name off of a WEB site. My house is in Vaughan and please PM me with your contact info. Thanks, FLEX
  9. tore rib muscles months ago, paying full price for massage therapy and chiro since wifes benefits ran out, if I don't work I don't get benefits or comp a friend help put a used motor only 1 in Yellowknife into our 05 sierra went around block today only to find both front wheels cambered out,k bearings were replaced 4 years ago, no salt , truck back in driveway, wife has not had vehicle for 5 months, almost went to food bank 2 weeks ago little ticked right now sorry for posting just way beside myself right now,
  10. New hockey based sitcom coming to a teevee near you October 1st!!!! http://www2.tsn.ca/bardown/Story.aspx?New%2bsitcom%2bBENDERS%2bfollows%2bgroup%2bof%2bfriends%2bplaying%2bbeer-league%2bhockey&id=558087
  11. This looks like a great idea!!! The only issue I see is snow covering the camera or display during winter. https://www.facebook.com/Arch2OMagazine/videos/995934467084580/
  12. HOLY COW!!!! https://www.facebook.com/DC.Shoes/videos/10152983458681669/
  13. So I was driving from sault to sudbury and I made a mistake and broke the speed limit and got caught. I know I'm an idiot, kicking myself in the butt. Now should I be fight the ticket? Ive always heard that if the officer isn't present they rip up the ticket. Any truth to this? Cause you know he won't be showing up in the sault. But if it's that easy then everyone would be speeding in different towns. Looking for some advice thanks
  14. Some time ago I put up a post about trying to do onion rings and having a problem with the batter sticking (I have tried to search but couldn't find it LOL). Anyway, a few people came back to me and suggested a solution which involved chilling them prior to deep frying them. OMG they are so fantastic! Everyone that has tried them LOVES them! I have always tried to publically thank anyone that has ever helped me, I do believe that credit should be given where credit is due but in this case I don't know who to thank so If you were one of the people that suggested "chill them before deep frying" I thank you, my wife thanks you, my girlfriend thanks you, my mistress thanks you, my kids thank you.... ok, I might be pushing it a bit LOL but I really do appreciate the tip!
  15. For you guys out there who own fishing kayaks or toons or any smaller style of fishing boats, does anyone know where is the best place to buy specific parts without going to the manufacturer? I know I can buy the parts I am looking for off of the nucanoe website but I feel as though, if I place an order, summer will be over before I get it. For those of you who own a nucanoe frontier, you know those metal brackets that go inside of the track? They are the ones that you can slide back and fourth that keep the bench seats from coming of when you screw them down. I lost all 4 of those. If anyone knows where I can buy them or has extra I would gladly travel and pay. I'm hopeful that the paddle shack may have what I'm looking for but I'm not holding my breath.
  16. This past weekend I got an email from Bell with a transaction number, only thing was, I hadn't made any changes to our satalite TV package so I called them. A very nice young lady explained that this was a special promotion and they were going to be giving me a discount of $5.00 a month of my TV package. Wow, I thought, I already get $10.00 special promotion, now they are going to give me $15.00 a month off. NOT! The $10.00 promotion would no longer be in effect so they really just raised my cost by another $5.00 a month (sneeky "insert not a nice word here") and tried to make it look like they were doing me a favor. So I called my IP and talked to them about their TV package, as some of you might remember I was going to change over last year but there was some glitch and they couldn't provide me with the TV package. Well, now they can, it's a far better package than Bell offers and for less money. As of July 17 Bell will no longet be attached to my house in any way. It felt so good to be able to call Bell back and tell them to disconnect then listen to them try to squirm with promisses of better packages and better prices; how stupid can they be, if they offered good packages at fair prices then they wouldn't be loosing customers but they have to try to stick it to you every chance they get. Soon to be available to a good home; 2 Bell dishes, a PVR, and 2 receivers.
  17. I was awoken by the blowing wind after mid night last night. I have seen it blow here on the Erie shoreline many times especially in November and all winter but nothing like this in June, ever. Windfinder reported winds from the weather buoys around here at 80K. I woke this AM to find all the patio furniture smashed to smithereens and if my NG BBQ didn't have the hose attached it would be 3 doors down. New BBQ last month looks like it did before I assembled it actually worse the lid is flat and the side burner has broken off. So that's about $1200.00 in damages. Man sometimes we can't win for loosing. I'm going to call my insurance broker, this is nuts. I pay for wind damages, we will see. A tree branch took out my patio door 4 years back, they were good about replacing it.
  18. I came by this earlier today...........My Dad is no longer available for a 'face to face' but I let him know anyways <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/aSnKNXuw5TE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I can't seem to imbed this properly. Maybe someone can give it a try?? Published on Jun 1, 2015 #TellThemNow Don’t hold back, tell your dad why you’re grateful. We asked ten fathers and their children to participate in a short video. That's all they were told. The result is powerful and surprised even the participants. We hope it will inspire you to pick up the phone and call your dad. Tell him why you’re grateful; tell him why you’re proud. He might just do the same. So much in life goes unsaid. Vulnerability and gratitude can crack us open in the best of ways. Tell us…why are you grateful to your dad? @echostories.com #TellThemNow Since 1999, Echo has been crafting inspiring stories for companies who need to engage employees and customers, and for individuals who want to leave a legacy. Find out more about the making of the #TellThemNow video at http://www.echostories.com/TellThemNow Find out more about Echo Storytelling Agency at http://www.echostories.com Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/EchoStorytell... Twitter - http://twitter.com/EchoStories Soundtrack “Still the Greatest” available on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/sti... Executive Producer: Samantha Reynolds Director: Pete McCormack Director of Photography: Ian Kerr Editor: Pete McCormack Music: Pete McCormack/Schaun Tozer Camera Operator: Chris Mennell Sound: Rylan Kerbes Assistant/Online Editor: Josh Pratt Sound Editor: Jon Ritchie Production Manager: Carmen Kerr Production Assistant: Jane Hope Production Assistant: Callum Carr Make-Up: Danielle Clark
  19. OK, I have been working stupid long hours lately and I have decided thet I am going to enjoy myself. Where is the best place to order fresh live lobsters about 1.5 lbs and delivered to my door would be an asset cause I am too busy to go get them. Found one place on the internet, $11.99/lb plus $70.00 freight for 10 of them. Are there better deals? Might be willing to order 20+ if the deal was good enough.
  20. All right guys and gals need some signatures on this petition to help out the people of South Barrie and Stroud. Seems a bunch of relief $$$$ were donated to help these folks after the tornadoes last June and the thoughtful Township of Essa hasn't bothered to distribute any of the funds to the people that need it. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/771/944/476/give-angus-and-south-barrie-every-dollar-of-the-relief-money-already/
  21. Just a reminder get your deer licenses if you want a chance to be entered in the draw for anterless deer this fall. You only have 2 weeks left. Cost this year $52.50.
  22. Get rid of the senate and they wont have to walk the extra block. Who the hell does this bunch of freeloaders think they are.
  23. Remember this video that shows the difference between North American and East Indian drivers!!!
  24. wkrp

    Fed Up

    I'm getting tired of being asked for a donation to some cause or charity at checkout and outside of certain retail stores. They also have the nerve to tell you how much they want you to give. It has gotten so bad that I am beginning to avoid those establishments. Rant over and out!
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