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  1. Selling brand new Mustang Classic survival/float suit in size M (orange color). Awesome deal for someone. $260. Can meet at Sail or BPS weeknights. Thanks for looking.
  2. Unfortunately I need to sell my 2 weeks old (used once) Marcum M5 sonar. Purchased by me at Sail. I have purchase receipt and unfilled warranty. My loss is your gain. $SOLD PENDING FUNDS takes it. Can meet at BassPro or Sail. Thanks for looking.
  3. thanks, hopefully more ice will get built for the weekend. Taking sled anyway.
  4. Any sleds or quads are out? I was hoping to bring sled this weekend to BBP.
  5. We go to Tamara every winter. Bruce is a great host and I can't wait to get there. We'll be there for early walleye action in 4 weeks.
  6. Nice choice Misfish. I had Marcums (LX-3/LX-5, Vex FL 18) and moved to Lawrence x67c and now to Elite 4x.
  7. I don't want to add more oil to the fire but will completely agree with previous posters. What's next, pinpoint the spots from the plane?
  8. Picked up HH Alpha and at the end, felt very comfortable and really like suspender system/pockets For $330 if was a good deal vs Mustang Atlantic and Integrity HX lines. I might look at Mustangs over the weekend again but most likely will keep HH Alpha. I thought of getting two piece suit but decide to stick with one.
  9. I have a choice of HH Alpha as well but I've heard that HH suites get very stiff when the temps are drop? I use to have Integrity HX and really liked it.
  10. sounds good Bill! thanks HH. Well how do we know..these are big box stores. Most likely suites were in storage during off season. I gave away my Mustang to a friend last season. I have a choice between Mustang Atlantic class made in 2011 vs Integrity HX made in 2013. Atlantic will be about $80 less vs HX. Also picking up Integrity HX float bibs for mid season and Catalyst jacket.
  11. How important is the manufacture date on float suits? I see a brand new Mustang float suit (Atlantic Class) dated November 2011 being sold in some stores. thanks
  12. Rainbow roll? Nice report and thanks for sharing.
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