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  1. Hey everyone! ive been having a great year on LOTW agian, i cant belive how fast this summer is going by! The fishing was interesting the first few weeks of the year with the really warm weather we were experiencing. We had to change our tactics and patterns to what we would be using and where we would be fishing further on in the season. Once i found the fish ive been on them ever since! the walleye bite has been fantastic with many fish in the high 20's and many numbers, some days boating over 200 walleye or more. The early serson northens were fairly slow because of the warm water i missed the really shallow water fishing. But ive still boated quite a few over 40". And since muskie opend just a week ago ive been out targeting them qutie a bit and so far ive caught 5 this year i only have pictures of three of them at this moment lol but most of them have been small all around 40". This is my biggest so far this year, i hooked it but let the kid bring her to the boat! you should of seen the look on his face when he saw this beast! this was also his first muskie! not a bad way to start lol Anyways i hope you guys and girls enjoyed some of these pictures! Hope all of you have a good summer, ill post back as much as i can. Matt
  2. gotta love getting off work, tossing one cast and catching a muskie off the dock haha i love Lake of the Woods!!

  3. Great job Tyler! Some sweet lookin fish there!
  4. Wow guys! thank you! lol well i think it means im in debt up to my eyeballs . More seriously it means i am now quailified for most jobs within the Ministry of Natural Resources, or Department of Fisheries and Oceans! or any other Fish and wildlife job accross this country.... In the mean time im going to work back up at Wiley Point this summer while i look for a "Real" job lol. Agian thanks alot everyone! Matt.
  5. Although im not solo, MJL, Dunn or BillM, ill still offer my 2cents lol I acctually really like the Hi-vis line! and i sure did well at the rapids this year! i have been running hi vis raven main line this year, just because it was on sale at western for $10 for 800 yards 10lbs test lol. and i have not seen my catch rate drop since switching to the bright stuff. for leader ive been running 6-8 lbs seagaur floro, this is great leader material its small diameter and compleatly disipears once in the water, i usually run 18"-24" leader. i have also been running the same set up on the smaller/ clearer rivers and have done great so far this year!
  6. I love to see the Boy's in green out patroling . i ve been checked 5 times in march alone! always when ive been steelheading. got checked 3 times this winter on the ice aswell. ive never had a problem with them and usually have a great conversation with them once they relize im studying Fish & Wildlife, they have givin me lots of pointers and even givin me names to help me get into the field. 3 of the CO's in the area know me by name lol, just because of them coming into our differnt classes and giving presentations/ finding me on the rivers lol.
  7. Well it really depends if u feel like driving all the way up here, those were from a Lake Superior trib...
  8. Got over 50 lbs last night, and just finished cleaning those little buggers. Might go out agian later in the week.
  9. Great report ben! Cant wait to get up to the woods agian, only 5 weeks! agian great job!
  10. haha Wayne shhh... lol and i dont even kno where that that guys been, he hasnt posted in forever lol. Gavin lol forsure! just let me know! and thanks everyone!
  11. So afternoon class was canceled, that means im goin fishin lol. drove back out to the river which i got skunked! on last night hopeing to revenge my loss lol. well long story short, it was a slow day agian with a few missed hits and busted bags, but we had no hook ups untill 2:30 ish. I came back to my favriote rock lol and i finally had a solid hit! this hen was wild with many huge jumps and runs and landing her my self was a chalange untill i decided it would be eaiser to just bank her. even tho only one fish was landed it was still a great day on the river!
  12. Great job! im heading out in about an hour! hopefully we can do half aswell as you did!... but unfourtunatly ill be one of those "spinning guys" lol... ill have my new bearings tomarrow around noon, then all will be good!
  13. Great job! I really have got to give that a shot sometime!
  14. Wow Dr. Sal great job! Some nice lookin steel forsure! and Thanks guys
  15. Well it has been a long time since i have taken the float rod and reel out, but that changed yesterday! A classmate of mine wanted to get out to some rivers to see how the fishin is goin, i havent hit a river all winter and i was waiting for the first spring run of fish up the rivers! We hit our first creek and had nothing to show for it even after 2 hours so we decided to pack up and move further north along Superiors shoreline. After a quick drive we made it and quickly got suited up, altough it seemed a bunch of other people had the same plans as us lol there was probably 20 people fishing the main run in this river lol. So we waided past the crowds and took our drifts well below everyone else, fist drift my buddy loses one! Good sign! 20 minutes later my float goes down about 10 feet infront of my buddy lol i thought i was hung up at first untill i felt some quick headshakes followed by a blistering run lol. Boy it felt so good puting a bend in the long rod agian! after a long battle in some fast water i was able to get my hands under her! decided to keep this one ass its been awhile since we've fired up the smoker! and now i have a good supply of roe! i move back into my drift to start all over agian. 15 minutes goes by and as im drifting a current seam my float drops really fast! I lean back and set the hook, i have never seen a steelie jump so high lol like 4 maybe 5 feet outa the water, and the waters still ice cold! knowing that it was a little bit of a smaller fish i put alot more pressure on him and got him to me pretty quick. gotta love the spring spawning colours on those males! oh and a question for all u pinners, i let my friend try out my pin as he has never used one and long story short the spool came right off and landed in the water looseing one of the bearings, and ending my day. any idea where i can pick up bearings for a pin? if it heps the number on the bearing is SSR-4ZZ. Thanks for reading/ any help with finding bearings lol. Matt
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